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Things you should know before buying a plot in Moraira January 15, 2022



What to know before buying a plot or land to build a house in Moraira.


Buying a plot of land to build a house in Moraira is one of the most important decesions of our lives and selecting the right site is going to be the most difficult part of the hole process. Nowadays, no one considers building a house in Moraira without including some sustainability criteria, either because a house without including some sustainabiity criteria, either because they are radically environmentally conscious or simply because they want to build a house in Moraira that saves energy to reduce costs. Check the list of essential checks before buying a plot of land in Moraira:



Important considerations before purchasing a plot of land in Moraira.


1.- Qualification and Use

The appropiate qualification to build a house in Moraira is urban land and its use is residential. Building houses on land that is neither developable nor rustik is not allowed except for some very specific exceptions established in the municipal legislation.


2.- Buildability

It is the number of square meters of housing that can be built in relation to the size of the plot. It is usually expressed by a coefficient that, multiplied by the meters of plot, allows to obtain the maximum built meters of the house.


3.- Heights

Set the maximum number of heights of your house.


4.- Occupancy

It is the coefficient that limits the maximum size of the house in the floor plan.


5.- Setbacks and boundaries

These are the minimum separations to maintain with the facade line and with the adjoining plots at the time of placing the house on the Moraira plot.


6.- Financing of the purchase

Banks in Spain finance up to 70% of the appraised value of the land through the application for a bank mortgage loan.




Other aspects to consider when buying a plot of land in Moraira


1.- Orientation

Undoubtedly, one of the main factors to take into account will be orientation. The best, the south orientation, which will allow us to make the most of the incidence of the sun to heat our house in Moraira naturally.


2.- Solar incidence

The incidence of the sun is a factor closely related to the previous one since in addition to preferring a south orientation, it is important that the plot or land in Moraira is not protected by mountains, forests, or neighboring buildings that do not allow the incidence of the sun's rays on our plot in Moraira.


3.- Air circulation

The natural ventilation allows the renovation of the interior atmosphere and avoids humidity in our house, it verifies that there is a fesh breeze and that this one, is not conditioned by buildings, vegetation, etc...


4.- Type of soil

Many times the seller has a geotechnical study with data on the type of soil where you want to build your house in Moraira.

The type of soil will affect the construction cost, a soft soil will require more expenditure on foundations.


5.- Slope

Like the type of soil, the slope can increase the cost of building your house in Moraira. A sloping land requires the construction of earth retaining walls, we will preferably opt for level or slightly sloping land.


6.- Water drainage

This poing can be controversial in relation to the previous point since in order to have good drainage, it is important to have a certain natural slope in the land where you will build your house in Moraira. But in this case, we will not only analyze the land but the environment, it is important the check that in case of rain our land will not accumulate water but the water will flow naturally. It is advisable to talk to local people to find out if there have been floods or landslides in the are.


7.- Services

Nowadays, the crisis has left not only many houses half-built but entire urbanizations have been paralyzed for lack of budget, it is not superfluous to make a visit to the local town hall to verify that the water and electricity connection for our house in Moraira arrives correctly to our plot or land. Do the connections arrive at the foot of the plot?


8.- Geotechnical and biological study

The verification of the existance of faults and subway water currents in the land, which is known as telluric currents, is important since these currents produce magnetic fields that can affect the health of the people and for that reason, it will be necessary to locate them before distributing the rooms and living spaces of our house in Moraira. The subway currents are located by means of a geobiological study.


9.- Constructive Regulations

There are two basic concepts that you must know. The first one is Occupancy, which is nothing more than the gross suface area expressed as a percentage that your home in Morara will icuppy within the plot. Another term with which you should familiarize yourself is Buildability, which consists of the total square meters that can be built on the plot, including all the floors that will complete your property in Moraira. You should check that it is not in a flood zone and verify setbacks and boundaries.


10.- Various important Checks

Locate your plot in Moraira through Google Maps, visit it and check its conditions, analyze the immediate surroundings, the distance to your neighbours, the accesses, the presence of mountains, rivers, roads or nearby walls, verify that everything is in order, request a "Cédula Urbanística", pay attention to the possible "servidumbres" (easements) whether they are of passage or pipes under your foundations, limitations of some kind or other people's explotation rights. Verify any type of "additional expenses". In private urbanizations, there may be additional expenses for urbanization and maintenance of common spaces. Vegetation may be protected.


Trust Brassa Homes® - Estate agents in Moraira for the search of your ideal plot in Moraira



Basic Guide Land Registry in Moraira January 12, 2022


What is the Land Registry?


The Land Registry is an institution in Spain.

The Land Registry in Moraira depends on the Ministry of Justice.

The registrar is a civil servant who is an expert in law and can be a man or a woman.

The registrars are responsible for the classification of documents, registering property and advising citizens.

Land registers are responsible for registering the properties (fincas).

The "fincas" are registered in "libros" (books).


To register a property is to enter a property in the registry books.

The history of the property explains who the owner is and his or her rights.

Everything that is written in the books are "asientos" (entries).

There are different types of "asientos": The most important "asiento" is the registration that is why we talk about registering a house in the Moraira land register.


The Registry gives secure information about all the properties that are registered.

The Registry in Moraira or any town in Spain ensures that this information is true.

Registering your property in Moraira ensures that only you are the owner.




Why is it important to register a property in Moraira in the Register?


Registering your Moraira property in the Land Registry is voluntary.

No citizen is obliged to register their property in the Land Registry but there are benefits to doing so.


Benefits of registering a property:

Secure who owns a property.
 The owner has full rights to their property.


Know secure information about all properties.
 The law ensures that the information in the Register is true and accurate.


Ensure that no one can cheat you and act badly with your property.
 Registering a property ensures its protection.


It is public information.
 Citizens can access the information of registered properties in Moraira an all over Spain.


Not registering your property in Moraira is dangerous because you can lose it.



Who can request information from the Land Registry in Moraira?


The information in the Land Registry is public.

All citizens who have a legitimate interest can request information from the Land Registry.

A person has a legitimate interest when he/she wants to know information and his/her intention is good.

The person in charge of providing the information is the registrar.

The registrar decides who to give information to and who not to give information to.

When the registrar signs a document he ensures that it is true.

Assuring that it is true is called "dar fe pública" (to give public faith).




What information can I ask for at the Registry in Moraira?

The information that we can ask for at the Registry in Moraira is called "publicidad registral".

The "publicity of the register" allows people to have access to the information in the Register.


There are 2 types of register publicity: 

1.- Certificación: 

The certification serves to inform about the content of the Register.

It serves as evidence in court.

The certification is signed by the registrar.


2.- Nota Simple

The nota simple serves to inform.

A nota simple is not signed by the registrar.

The certifications and the nota simple have the same information but the information in a nota simple is simpler.


The information that nota simples and certifications have:

2.1.- The description of the properties:

In Moraira and Spain there are urban and rustic properties.

The description of the "finca" says 3 things about the property:

✔ The place where the property is located.
✔ What are the properties that are next to it.
✔ The size of the property.


2.2.- The owners of the property

The owner of a property is its owner and can be a person or a company.

The owners of the property have rights and obligations and are legally liable for their actions.

When the owners of the property are married people, their property can be organised in 2 ways:

✔ "Separación de bienes"  each person keeps their property and does not need permission from their partner to sell or mortgage the property.

✔ "Gananciales" the marriage functions as a business. All property belongs to both partners.


2.3.- Las Cargas (burdens)

"Cargas" are the rights that people other than the owner have over a property.

They say what those rights are and who has them.


Types of charges:

- The mortgage

This is the guarantee of a contract with the bank or person who lends you money.

- Servidumbre (Easements)

This is an agreement between the owner of a property and another person for the use of the property.

Some easements are voluntary and others are mandated by a judge or by law.

For example, if your neighbour does not have access to his house, the easement allows him to pass through your house to get to his house.


- Anotación preventiva

This serves to give notice that a property has outstanding judgements or debts.

An "anotación preventiva" can change the information in the Register.

If you buy a property it is important to know if it has preventive annotations because we can lose it.

They expire after 4 years.

The types of preventive annotations are:


- Anotación preventiva de prohibición de disponer:

It informs that the owner of a property cannot sell or donate the property.


- Anotación preventiva de embargo:

Informs that the owner of a property has debts.


- Anotación preventiva de demanda:

It informs if there are lawsuits between the owner and other persons.

A lawsuit is a confrontation between two persons and is resolved in a court case.


- Usufructo (usufruct):

This is the right of a person to use a property.

This person is called usufructuarion (usufructuary).

The registry informs about the time that the usufructuary can use the property.


- La nota de afección fiscal (taxation affectation note)

It is a very common note and serves to ensure that a tax has been paid correctly.

The tax authorities have up to 5 years to check that the tax has been paid.


- El Arrendamiento (renting)

It is renting a property.

When a person rents a property they have the right to use and live in it.


All information has been extracted from the official website of the Moraira Registry. 

It is a basic guide (not a contract) for information purposes.



Local Capital Gains Tax when selling Moraira Property, Plusvalía Municipal July 27, 2021


What is the "Plusvalia Municipal" or Local Capital Gain Tax in Moraira?

The "plusvalia municipal"  is a local tax, administered by the town halls. 

The "plusvalia municipal" or local capital gain tax is a direct tax that only affects, as its name indicates, urban properties (not rustic properties) and the land (not the construction raised on it). 



How is the Local Capital Gain Tax calculated?

Basically 4 pieces of information are needed to calculate the local capital gain tax in Moraira or in any other town in Spain.

- The date of the last purchase of the property.
- The date of the purchase and sale of the property.
- The cadastral value of the land
- And finally, a scale applied by each locality, which varies from municipality to municipality.

That is to say, a property that has the same date of acquisition, is sold on the same day and has the same land value, the amount to be paid can vary quite a lot from municipality to municipality, as each municipality applies its own scale.


Who must pay the Local Capital Gain Tax in Moraira or any other town in Spain?

By law, this tax must be paid by the selling party in case of purchase and sale. In the case of inheritance, it is the heir who bears this cost. Both situations are subject to this tax.


However, if the case is that we are not Spanish residents and we do not pay the tax, it is possible that, by law, the buyer is assigned the role of "substitute taxpayer" and has to pay the tax.

To avoid this type of situation, the buyer asks the non-resident seller to leave a deposit to pay the "plusvalia municipal" on the day of the signing of the sale at the Notary's office. In this sense, if we are foreigners and we want to sell our property in Spain, we should know that it is possible that the buyer may ask us for this deposit to make sure that the tax is paid.

This is of a municipal nature, so the payment must be made at the respective town hall within 30 days of the sale of the property.



Who can be exempt from paying the Local Capital Gain Tax in Moraira or any other town in Spain?


In principle, all owners of a property have to pay this tax when selling or inheriting, although there is an exception, according to the ruling of the Constitutional Court in July 2018:

Previously, having paid an exorbitant price for a property that was not worth it (or even worse, having mortgaged it) when the property was sold, whether it was profitable or not, the tax had to be paid.

Since the ruling of the Constitutional Court in July 2018, this tax can be cancelled if a sale has generated a loss, but collection can be requested in the case of a profit.

In order to prove that there has been no "capital gain" taxed by the IIVTNU, the taxable person may:

(a) offer any principle of proof, which at least indirectly allows it to be appreciated, such as the difference between the acquisition value and the transfer value reflected in the corresponding public deeds.

(b) opt for expert evidence confirming such indications.

(c) use any other means of proof ex article 106.1 of the LGT which shows the decrease in value of the land transferred and the consequent inappropriateness of making a settlement for municipal capital gains.


How to calculate the Plusvalia Municipal or Local Capital Gain Tax for Moraira?

If you would like to know the amount of your Local Capital Gain Tax for your Moraira property, or any other town on the Costa Blanca, you can go to your local town hall office or contact Brassa Homes, as we can also calculate the amount payable for the Plusvalia Municipal in Moraira free of charge for you.

NOTE: Please note that this is an estimated approximation.





It is well known that Mediterranean cuisine is one of the healthiest and tastiest in the world, and this is another good reason to buy a finca in Benissa.

The importance of this type of gastronomy can be seen in the fact that UNESCO even proclaimed the Mediterranean food as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2013, as it has great benefits for our health and lifestyle.That's why eating in Benissa is a pleasure that helps to take care of your health.


Rice, one of the basic pillars

In the Mediterranean food and especially in Benissa we can find tasty traditional rice dishes such as:




“El arròs del Senyoret” 

The legend of the Arroz del Senyoret tells that, in a restaurant on the Valencian coast, a man ordered a paella with seafood. But as he didn't want to : neither to dirty his finger while eating, nor to use a knife, he asked the restaurateur to find a solution. He reinvented the dish without changing the ingredients, but with shelled crustaceans and only fish meat.
The customer was finally able to eat his rice with a spoon without using his fingers.


“Arròs amb fesols i penques”

This is a typical dish from the Marina Alta (Alicante) and the surrounding areas. From one village to another things vary a lot and also within the same village, from home to home...


“El Putxero”

Putxero Valencià is a very traditional dish, one more variant of the broths that are made in all the regions of the country: l'escudella i carn d'olla from Catalonia, puchero andaluz, cocido madrileño, cocido murciano, etc. All of them include pulses, meat, vegetables and sometimes sausages, and all of them vary depending on the region and the season in which they are prepared.
In addition to chickpeas and meat, the Valencian stew is characterised by the typical vegetables of the area, such as bajoca, penca, napicol and meat balls wrapped in cabbage leaves.





A dough made with flour, simple and versatile, which allows for different versions is the key to the recipe's success. Cocas with garden vegetables, typical sausages or typical Mediterranean fish and seafood are a dish that can be found in bakeries and restaurants in the Valencian Community.



Putchero de Polp

This dish is a traditional dish from Benissa and Calpe, who dispute its authorship. What is clear is that it is a seafood dish born from the cookers of the fishermen's boats and there are many variations.




Sea urchins

A delicacy as exquisite as caviar. Sea urchins can be eaten raw, simply by opening them and adding a few drops of lemon or lime. Its intense sea flavour is best appreciated raw. It can also be used in scrambled eggs, salads, baked or combined with various fish dishes.


Red Prawns

Emblem of the Mediterranean, with a reddish shell and a marine flavour with a sweet touch, the red shrimp is a gastronomic luxury. Weighing 45-50 grams, their flavour is 100% marine and iodised with a hint of sweetness, largely stored in their head, where they keep their eggs and heart.



Esgarraet, one of the thirteen wonders of the Valencian Community that are not paella, is one of many culinary combinations of peasant and popular origins of salted cod with whatever vegetables were at hand. In its simplest version, it has only torn cod or "esgarrat" - which is what the name means - mixed with excellent roasted and peeled red peppers, plus a pinch of garlic and a good olive oil, as well as some salt, if necessary.

A very popular tapa in Valencian bars, the sweetness of the peppers and the saltiness of the cod go together like hotcakes in this dish, of which, as with all traditional dishes, there are numerous variations. The cod can be used in this dish as it is, briefly soaked in water to remove excess salt, a little desalted to taste or even grilled. Some people add black olives or pine nuts as garnish.



“Pulpo seco” (Dried octopus)

Some sailors' stories tell that dried octopus began to be dried on the boats and that it was consumed as a substitute for tobacco for the sailors who spent so many hours at sea.

The image of octopuses drying in the sun, as if they were clothes, is one of the most typical images of the coast of Alicante and was once a common sight. Nowadays it can only be seen in certain restaurants. Drying octopus in the sun and sea breeze is an art that requires care and specific conditions that occur in certain months of the year, always making sure that the humidity is not excessive.

Once the legs are dry, roast them on the fire (cooked directly on the flame) or on an iron griddle until they are golden brown. Cut into thin slices and dress with a good olive oil. This dish is best eaten hot as it is much tastier.



Capellets de Benissa

A typical dessert from the town of Benissa. CASPELLETS are round or oval pancakes, also typical of the whole Marina Alta region, which are eaten as a substitute for bread. Delicious with savoury snacks such as anchovies, melba, mojama, etc.


Fartons con Horchata

Another typical dessert of Benissa and the Valencia region, especially in the summer season, when the heat is at its peak, are the "fartons con horchata" (fried fritters with tiger nut milk).


Living in Benissa offers you the possibility to enjoy the Mediterranean home made food.


The culinary offer of Benissa and the surrounding villages is spectacular and the food is another reason, together with the good weather, the beach and its people, to buy a country house in Benissa. Brassa Homes® is an expert real estate agent in the Benissa area and they are sure to find the home of your dreams.





Where should I buy? We have created this article to inform you about each of the areas, to help you buy in the right place. 

✔  Brassa Homes® offers a large portfolio of villas for sale in Moraira. Although in this article we will focus on the urbanisations, as each one offers a different comfort and lifestyle. Our real estate agency has been working in Moraira since 1979 helping clients buy their Spanish dream. Our deep knowledge of the best areas, and there is something for everyone in our beautiful village. Thanks to our experience in the local real estate sector, we can spot the best opportunity for you. We invite you to take a look at our post about what types of properties you can find in Moraira.

Our town is the ideal place to live by the Mediterranean Sea, and each area within our small town offers something different, as far as lifestyle is concerned. 

Below you will find the characteristics of each of the urbanisations or areas, and should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact Brassa Homes®, where we will be delighted to inform and guide you in each area, so that you can make your dreams come true.



 Pla del Mar residential development

One of the most exclusive, it was one of the first areas to be developed and host beautiful Spanish villas. Today it is still a highly sought-after development, as it is located within walking distance of the town, beaches and yacht club. Its infrastructure has been renovated over the years and offers concierge service, beautiful and well maintained gardens, wide streets and a chic feel. Thanks to its orientation as well as its panoramic and sea views, the area is one of the chosen places for many international residents to buy their residence in Spain.


 El Portet urbanisation

Everyone knows El Portet, and it is undoubtedly the most charming part of Moraira. 

Its small sandy beach, with its promenade next to the sea and several bars and restaurants from where you can admire the spectacular views of the crystal clear waters of this beach, make El Portet one of the most sought after areas of our town. Featuring the millionare road with high caliber villas, El Portet is unique.


 San Jaime urbanisation

Undoubtedly another place with a lot of charm, where the streets are wide and well kept, with large green areas and a golf course. The south orientation, as well as the sea views are another added value of the area. Here we can find villas with larger plots, to enjoy the garden and greater privacy.


 Benimeit urbanisation

If you like views of the sea and the coast, this is the place for you. Many modern style houses are currently being built, as this privileged area offers one of the most beautiful, if not the most beautiful, sea views on the Costa Blanca. Located on a mountain, where the pine trees and the blue sky meet the sea. Enjoy your view from the pool terrace of your villa!


 Urbanisation of Sol Park

Sol Park has its own charm, surrounded by fields of vineyards, this urbanisation on the outskirts of Moraira offers tranquillity and all the services you need to enjoy your holiday. You can walk to Moraira along the vineyards (approx. 30 mins) or in only 5 minutes by car. The ideal place to relax, yet still being close to everything.


 El Tesoro urbanisation

If modern style villas are your thing, this is the place for you. Moraira's newest urbanisation, with a 21st century infrastructure. Perfect orientation and sea views to enjoy.


 Moravit urbanisation

Moravit is located in an incomparable setting, close to the town and the beach. The urbanization is surrounded by nature, where you can feel the sea breeze from your terrace, enjoying privacy and tranquillity just a step away from everything.




 Other areas to live in Moraira

In addition to these urbanisations that we have mentioned, Moraira also has other interesting urbanisations to buy a house. Naturally, our team of professionals will advise you to find the property that best suits your preferences and budget, so that you make an investment with full knowledge of the current property market. You will find interesting alternatives in these areas:


 Alcasar urbanisation

This small urbanisation has a lot of charm and a good option to buy in for many reasons, wide streets and spectacular panoramic views. Enjoy a drink by the pool watching the sunset from the Alcasar area, a unique visual spectacle. 

There is a wide variety of villas where you can establish your residence for holidays or all year round. It is well communicated with the town centre of Moraira for when you need to go shopping or taste the typical Mediterranean gastronomy.


 Cap Blanc Urbanisation

We are talking about the most exclusive area together with El Portet, as Cap Blanc is located on a cape, and is home to a large number of villas on the seafront.


At Brassa Homes® we will advise you to make your investment a secure one! Our years of experience is your best asset.





In Moraira we can find a wide range of properties to suit all tastes. That is why it is the ideal place to live for our clients, as they can find what they are looking for.

When you are looking to buy a house in Moraira, you want it to offer all the amenities and services. That's why at Brassa Homes® we gather the necessary information, and ask you the right questions, so that we can refine your search, and send you only properties in Moraira that meet your expectations. Let’s talk!


 Villas for sale in Moraira

The property market in Moraira offers a wide selection of villas to suit all tastes and budgets.

Brassa Homes®, with 43 years of experience in the Moraira property sector, specialises in personalised, tailor-made advice. Below we show you several types of villas to buy in Moraira. Choose the style that most captivates you and we will help you in the buying process.


Villas for sale in Moraira


 Villas for sale in Moraira with sea views

Undoubtedly, one of the most demanded criteria when buying a villa in Moraira, are the sea views. Our town offers wonderful places where you can enjoy these privileged views from the terrace of your new home on the Costa Blanca.

Being able to see the Mediterranean Sea from your own home is a unique and very rewarding experience. Let's not forget that it is also an added value, as these types of villas are in great demand.

That is why Brassa Homes® is making an effort to offer a careful selection of villas for sale in Moraira with sea views, in the best developments.

 Bargain Villas for sale in Moraira

Buying at the best price is undoubtedly the goal of all customers. This requires patience and the support of a local real estate expert who will comb the market for the right opportunity. This is where Brassa Homes® and its affiliated partners are the best option.

Extensive knowledge of the sector, together with modern technologies and contacts to find the best bargain villa for sale in Moraira for you.


 Villas to refurbish for sale in Moraira

For the more daring! Are you retired or do you simply have time to invest, as well as enjoy a property reform project? Then our villas to renovate for sale in Moraira are your best option.

Enjoy the project, choose the materials, design your own distribution and create the style you want for your new home in Moraira.

Compared to other countries, Spain is still a place where labour is relatively cheap and material prices are quite affordable.

With a little love and knowledge, wonders can be done! So why not get to work!


 Villas for sale in Moraira in modern style 

We are in front of a boom in modern style, its large windows to enjoy the views and bathe its interiors in light, as well as its diaphanous spaces, make modern style villas very demanding. 

Brassa Homes® has a wide selection of modern and contemporary style villas for sale in Moraira.

We only offer villas that have passed our filter for quality, location or good value for money.

Can you imagine enjoying the views from its large windows, or enjoying its designer terraces with minimalist gardens and exclusive designer furniture? An avant-garde lifestyle!


 Villas for sale in Moraira, close to the beach

Can you imagine being able to walk from your house to the beach whenever you want? What a luxury!

Have breakfast in front of the sea in one of the beach bars or cafes on the beach and walk home. 

The proximity to the sea is a very important factor when renting the property. Those houses near the sea are always in high demand, both for purchase and holiday rentals.


Moraira beach


Our agents will help you to find properties with the profile you are looking for in the most agile and efficient way. We can inform our clients of the movements in the property market and the new opportunities that appear to buy a villa near the beach in Moraira.


 Villas for sale in Moraira, close to the village

What a luxury! Living close to the town, but secluded enough to have peace and quiet. The best of both worlds!

Enjoy the fiestas, traditions, places of interest, meet new people, or just walk down to the village to buy bread.

The villas within walking distance of Moraira are a highly sought after piece of property and offer an exclusive lifestyle.

We offer one of the most extensive property portfolios in this range. For we are well aware of their great value. That is why here is a link where you can view villas for sale within walking distance of Moraira. We hope you enjoy it!


 Luxury Villas for sale in Moraira

Our town is internationally known as the little Saint Tropez of the Costa Blanca. It is not difficult to see luxury cars on the streets of Moraira.

Moraira is the place to invest in luxury villas, as it is the most exclusive town on the Costa Blanca.

Our experience, good reputation and extensive knowledge of the local market, are your best allies to find that luxury villa in Moraira.

This type of property is exclusive and often their approach to promoting the property is different from the conventional. We have luxury villas, which are not advertised on our website or on real estate portals, for privacy and value.


 Front line to sea villas for sale in Moraira

Reserved for a small but privileged minority, the villas for sale on the seafront in Moraira are the jewel in the crown. 

Feel the breeze from the Mediterranean Sea, walk down to the beach from your own home or invite friends over for a sunset dinner on the terrace... Located in unique enclaves, these exclusive properties have a different way of being advertised. Mostly not available on the web, for detailed information in PDF, please contact Brassa Homes®.


 New build villas for sale in Moraira

New villas have several advantages over resales. They are ready to move into and their standards of quality and design are much higher than resale villas.

Every new construction, since 2000, by law, must first have obtained a geo-technical study of the land on which it is built. This guarantees that the structure is built according to current quality standards.

It is also the obligation of the builder to obtain construction insurance against hidden defects for a period of 10 years. 

There are many builders in Moraira, but to our knowledge, not all of them are good, and that is why Brassa Homes® only works with the best. Those builders who have been in the sector for years, have an established track record and a good reputation.


Moraira builders


Another advantage of the new villas in Moraira is their concrete and iron structure, which replaces the old brick structures. These concrete and iron structures give much more flexibility to design or re-design the villa in the future.

Construction today is much better than it was 30 years ago, not to mention the thermal and acoustic insulation that new build villas offer.

No electrical cables intruding on views.... I'm sure if you've been touring resale houses, you've noticed that many of them have beautiful views but electrical wires get between you and those views. Well, new build villas in Moraira are required by law to have the cables burried, as well as a pavement and in some cases street lighting, so there are no more cumbersome cables.

Many of the new villas in Moraira are located in modern urbanisations, such as El Tesoro, the best known in our municipality. With all kinds of modern infrastructure for ultimate living.

Finally, let's talk about the local builders, nothing to do with those builders of 30 years ago, the mentality and professionalism, together with the materials and way of working has changed a lot for the better. You can visit construction sites where cleanliness and organisation are visible when you enter.

That is why the option of buying a new build villa in Moraira is a winning option.

Trust Brassa Homes®, we are real estate experts with an excellent reputation since 1979.


Frequent Questions about the Spanish Land Registry January 23, 2021


What is the content of a nota simple or a certification?

In general, both should contain the description of the property, the ownership and any encumbrances. The former is purely informative. The certification is the only means of reliably accrediting the content of the Register and, as it is a public document, it is signed by the Registrar.


Does the right lapse once registered?

No. Definitive registrations do not have a time limit. Once registered, the right lasts forever and does not need to be renewed.


What are the opening hours of the Land Registry?

The Spanish Land Register will be open to the public for all purposes, including the filing of documents, from Monday to Friday from nine o'clock to seventeen o'clock, except during the month of August and on 24 and 31 December when it will be open from nine o'clock to fourteen o'clock.


How much does it cost to register in the Spanish Land Registry?

It is not a fixed amount, the cost of registration will depend on the type and number of operations to be carried out, and the taxable value of the same. Registration fees are calculated in accordance with the rates approved by the Government and published in the Official State Gazette. Royal Decree 1427/89, of 17 November 1989, regulates the tariff for Property Registrars' fees (B.O.E. No. 285 of 28 November 1989).


How do you obtain publicity from the Spanish Land Registry?

There are two instruments of publicity: the nota simple and the certification. Requests for publicity can be made either in person at the Land Registry or via the website of the Association of Registrars.


Is it compulsory to register a property in the Spanish Land Registry?

No. Under Spanish law, registration is voluntary. But it is highly recommended.


Is the Land Registry in Spain public?

Yes, but only for those persons who have a legitimate interest in knowing the registry status of a property, an interest that will be assessed by the Land Registrar who, in each specific case, is responsible.


Do foreigners have any special regime for registering their rights in the Spanish Land Registry?

The legislation treats nationals and foreigners in the same way.


What is the purpose of the Land Registry in Spain?

The function of the Land Registry is to publicise the entries and annotations that are made in its books, favouring the security and protection of legal real estate transactions.


Why is it convenient to consult the status of the properties in the Spanish Land Registry?

Because through the publicity offered by the Register we will obtain guarantees regarding the legal-registry situation of the registered property, and the ownership and encumbrances that apply to it.


Can you tell me in a land registry in Spain who has rights over a property and whether it has mortgages, liens or other types of encumbrances?

Yes, by requesting publicity, either a simple note or certification. However, the Spanish Land Registry will only issue such publicity if the applicant justifies that he/she has a legitimate interest, an interest that must be assessed by the Registrar.


What is the risk if a property is not registered in the Land Registry in Spain?

The legitimising effects provided by registration will not be acquired.


What are the risks if you do not consult the Register?

If you are interested in buying a property, it is essential to obtain registry information, in order to be certain about who appears as the owner of the property or holder of rights, and about the possible encumbrances that may be on the property.


What is registered in the Land Registry in Spain?

Documents that refer to the acquisition of real estate, rights in rem over real estate such as mortgages or easements, and judicial or administrative decisions that may affect it, such as seizures.


What kind of documents can be entered in the Register?

In general, access is granted to public documents, both notarial and judicial as well as administrative, and only in cases provided for in the regulations in force, private documents may be accessed, such as, for example, distribution of mortgage liabilities among several properties, inheritance awards of sole heir, cancellation of usufruct, cancellation of resolutory condition...


What are the advantages of registering in the Land Registry in Spain?

Registration offers preventive legal security. Once registered, ownership and rights are under the protection of the courts and what is registered is deemed to be true.


What does the Notary in Spain for you? January 23, 2021


The first step is nothing less than choosing the right property in Spain. Therefore, it is a decision that you should take calmly, assessing various factors, both personal and economic.

Once you have chosen the property in Spain of your choice, the purchase and sale operation begins. Before the public deed is drawn up by the notary, there are those who decide to sign a preliminary document, popularly known as "arras" or "contrato privado de compraventa". This document is not obligatory, but the law considers it to be a valid contract and, from the moment you sign it, you will be obliged to comply with it.

It is important that you inform yourself properly before signing any agreement.



What is the Spanish "arras" or private purchase contract?


They are the amount that the buyer gives to the seller as a deposit on account of the price. The most common are the so-called confirmatory ones: they are given as a sign of the perfection of the contract and on account of the price. If agreed, the deposit can also be "penitential". If the agreement is broken by the buyer, you will lose the deposit, and if it is the seller's fault, he will have to return double the agreed amount. The "arras" agreement does not always exist, although it is very common.



Private Contract or Public Deed in Spain?


The time has come to purchase your property in Spain and the first thing you will have to decide is how you are going to pay for the property, whether in cash or with external financing. If you pay in cash, you will be able to agree the form of payment with the seller as you wish, always respecting tax legislation. If you choose to finance the purchase of a property in Spain, the most common option is to take out a long-term loan.

With cash payment and without financing, you can close the purchase by means of a private purchase contract or directly to a public deed in a Spanish Notary.

As you can see, the public deed is not compulsory. However, it is highly advisable because it will guarantee that your agreement is legal, irremovable and one hundred percent secure. The actions of Spanish notaries, who are civil servants, provide the transaction with extra information and give greater legal security to the contracting parties.



Why a Public Deed instead of a Private Purchase Contract?

- The public deed is irrefutable. It is proof that both parties agree on the purchase and sale of the property and that they express their willingness to comply with what they have signed. The Spanish notary certifies this commitment in the deed so that neither of the parties can deny to the other what they have stated because they are protected by the authenticity given to them by the Spanish notary. The public deed is privileged evidence before the courts.


- The public deed provides legal certainty. In addition to attesting to the transaction and its conditions, the Spanish notary verifies and verifies that the aspects included in the private document (earnest money contract) are true and comply with the law.


Thus, before and during the signing of the public deed, the notary:



- The identity, capacity and legitimacy of the buyer and seller.

- The seller's title and records the sale on the same title.

- Whether or not it is the seller's habitual residence, since if it is the seller's habitual residence, both spouses or, on occasions, the members of the unmarried couple must sign.

- The payment of the community fees.

- If the property has the certificate of habitability, required by some autonomous communities.

- The means of payment: in the deed there is a record of how and when the property has been paid for, the account numbers where the money has come from and where it has been deposited in the case of a bank transfer.



- In the case of being an Official Protection Housing (VPO), so that all the obligations and limitations of this type of property are fulfilled.

- On the tenancy status. The Spanish notary will require the seller to state in the deed whether or not the property is free of leases and occupants.

- To the seller, of the risks that occur in the case of deferred price and of the guarantees that he may have to avoid these risks.

- To the contracting parties, of their legal obligations and of the fiscal duties derived from the sale.



- The state of the charges that weigh on the property in order to inform the buyer if there are mortgages, embargoes or any other encumbrances.



- The energy efficiency certificate from the seller.

- Proof of payment of IBI (property tax) and the cadastral reference number of the property to check its correspondence with the seller's title deeds.



- The Real Owner in the event that a commercial company is involved, in compliance with the Law on the Prevention of Money Laundering.



- The distribution of the payments of the transaction between the parties.



- If the parties so request (highly recommended), the payment of the different expenses and taxes involved in the public deed, as well as its presentation at the Land Registry. All electronically and securely.



Powers of attorney in Spain January 22, 2021


What is a power of attorney and what is it for?


A power of attorney in Moraira Spain is a public document authorised by a notary that allows a person to appoint another person as his or her representative, so that he or she can act on his or her behalf in certain legal acts. In order for such acts to be effective, the representative must prove that he/she is the attorney-in-fact by showing the authorised copy of the power of attorney given to him/her by the person giving the power of attorney.



Who can grant a power of attorney in Moraira Spain?


Any person of full legal age and of sound mind. You only need to go to the chosen Spanish notary with your NIE number.



How many types of power of attorney are there in Moraira Spain?


- General powers of attorney: The principal grants powers to the representative to act in all or some areas, in general, which must be specified in the power of attorney.


          The most Spanish common powers of attorney are:

          - General power of attorney, whereby the attorney-in-fact is granted broad powers, including powers of disposal over the entire estate, including the purchase and sale of real estate and the mortgage of the same.

          - Power of attorney for lawsuits, when a solicitor or lawyer is empowered to appear in a lawsuit on behalf of another person.

          - Power of attorney to administer property, which allows the attorney-in-fact to manage the assets of the principal, but normally excludes acts of disposition, such as purchase and sale or mortgage.


- Special powers of attorney: The attorney-in-fact is empowered for a specific type of legal act to which the action relates (purchase and sale of an asset, acceptance of an inheritance, making a transfer, collection, contracting a marriage, etc. ....).

In reality, there are as many types of Spanish powers of attorney as there are legal acts or businesses that admit the figure of representation, although there are situations in which such representation is not admissible, such as, for example, to make a will (except in exceptional cases permitted by some provincial legislations). All of them require specialised drafting and treatment in accordance with the law. It is therefore advisable to explain to the notary why and for what purpose you wish to make a power of attorney. The notary will give impartial advice on what best suits the needs of the person wishing to grant it, always in accordance with the law.



Can a power of attorney be cancelled in Moraira Spain?


Yes, the person who has granted a power of attorney in Moraira Spain can cancel or revoke it at any time and before any of the almost 3,000 notaries throughout the country.



How much does a power of attorney cost in Moraira Spain?


It can range from 25 euros for a power of attorney for litigation to 50 euros for a general power of attorney in Moraira Spain.



Do Spanish powers of attorney have international recognition?


Spanish powers of attorney have international recognition if they are complemented by an administrative requirement called "legalisation" or apostille. An apostille is an annotation on the notarial public document that certifies the authenticity of public documents issued in another country. Specifically, the so-called Hague Apostille allows the legal effectiveness of a power of attorney to be recognised between signatory countries of the Hague Convention, which are now practically all the countries in the world.



Can powers of attorney be sent between Spanish notaries?


Yes, the electronic notarial signature allows all notaries to send authorised copies of powers of attorney to each other immediately and securely by electronic means, without the need to send paper copies. This saves time and costs, and avoids the risk of possible misplacement.



Right to choose Notary when buying Property in Spain January 22, 2021


Do I have the right to choose a Notary in Moraira Spain when I buy a property ?


The free choice of notary is the consequence of another basic guarantee: the timely provision of objective legal information that is necessary for you to be able to make a safe decision before signing a contract or legal transaction. Impartial information that you must have at your disposal in the initial phase of any process and any negotiation.


Who chooses the Spanish notary, the other party or me?


If there is more than one party, there are several possibilities:

1.- If the parties agree, they can go to any notary in Moraira or Spain: the one they choose.

2.- If the parties do not agree, it is up to you to choose the notary who will pay the highest notarial fee.

3.- If one of the contracting parties is a property developer, financial institution or businessman and the other is a private individual (consumer), the right to choose the notary always corresponds to the consumer. This right cannot be waived.

Any notary in Moraira or Spain may be chosen. Normally, the notary's office is located close to the place where the property is located.


What happens if I am not allowed to choose?


If you consider that your right to choose a notary in Moraira or Spain has been violated, there are several ways to assert it:

1.- You can go to the Courts of Justice to complain, to a public consumer protection office or to a consumer organisation.

2.- But we recommend that you first use the tools that the notarial law places at your disposal, such as informing the Spanish notary of your choice of the existence of a conflict with the other party so that he is the one to bring it to the attention of the Notary Association of your Autonomous Community. In this way, the Association itself will contact the notary chosen by the other party so that he refrains from acting.

3.- If you are not sure who you want your Spanish notary to be, but it is not the notary chosen by the other party, you can also go directly to the Notary Association of your Autonomous Community and report the case. The Notary Associations have jurisdiction over the respective notaries of the Autonomous Community to enforce the laws and regulations.



Moraira Property Market Review 2020 December 30, 2020


A review of the housing real estate market for year 2020 in Moraira, Costa Blanca – by Brassa Homes®





In this review, we must differentiate the year in two parts, post covid-19 and during covid-19.


The year 2020 started with a strong demand and it seemed that the real estate market in Moraira and on the Costa Blanca was experiencing an increase. However, in March, due to lockdown and flight restrictions, demand fell behind.


Real estate agents have had to reinvent themselves and use new forms of communication such as virtual videos, live videos through whatsapp and other virtual tools.


Some owners have decided to sell their properties in Moraira at a reduced price in order to return to their home countries. Creating good opportunities for investors or for those who have seen a good opportunity to buy property in Moraira.


From Brassa Homes® we can say that the price of housing in Moraira has fallen by about 20%, according to the sales made during the pandemic.


Most experts point to a decline in prices, although they do not agree on the magnitude of that decline. However, Spain is still a country of buyers, so sooner or later it is very likely that both the demand for housing and its price level will return to the usual figures.


In any case, there seems to be a consensus among most analysts in the real estate sector about a possible recovery in average house prices for the years 2022 and 2023, where they could reach and surpass the levels of 2019.






Because of the lifestyle and security, Moraira and in general the whole of the Costa Blanca is difficult to beat.


Living in Moraira is still affordable, with prices below the European Union average.


Spain has an enviable cultural tourism with many cities and towns declared of cultural interest by UNESCO, which is another incentive.


Our coast and beaches are very well looked after and our weather is ideal with over 330 days of sunshine a year and an average temperature of 18º during the winter.


Moraira still the most exclusive town in the entire Costa Blanca with an average price of 2.905 €/m2 followed by Jávea 2.423 €/m2, Benissa 2.254 €/m2 and Altea 2.091 €/m2.



Thanks for reading my blog entry about the Moraira Property Market Review for year 2020.


If you are thinking on buying a villa in Moraira, follow the link to view our catalogue.



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Vicente Ivars Ros - Brassa Homes®



Top 5 Sea View Villas to buy in Moraira December 18, 2020




Brassa Homes® presents the best value sea view villas available for sale in Moraira, Costa Blanca. "Sea Views always add value to your House"


Spanish style Villa overlooking "El Portet Bay" in Moraira

Do you picture yourself waking up to these views? Watch the exclusive yachts arriving and drop anchor at El Portet bay or admire the Sunrise from you terrace while having breakfast. The true Mediterranean life is awaiting!

Sea View Villa for sale in El Portet Moraira



2nd line to Sea Villa at Cap Blanc, Moraira, Costa Blanca

Feel the Mediterranean breeze! Our Villa at Cap Blanc, Moraira offers unobstructed sea views from from every corner of the house, all framed by an exclusive neighbourhood and high caliber villas.

Sea View Villa for sale Cap Blanc Moraira


Villa overlooking the Med Sea at Benimeit Hill - Moraira

The Hill of Benimeit and in particular this villa offers stunning 180º sea and coastal line views. These views of the sea will lift your spirits!

Sea View Villa for sale in Benimeit Moraira


Villa by San Jaime Golf Club overlooking the Calpe Rock and the Med Sea

Sunsets & Sea Views are guaranteed at our San Jaime villa every day thanks to its great orientation. Sit back and enjoy a glass of cava as the sun goes down behind the mountain!

Sea View Villa for sale in San Jaime Moraira


Sea View Villa in Moraira's best Neighbourhood "Pla del Mar"

See the sea and walk to beach from our Villa at Pla del Mar has it all, views, location and uniqueness. What are we doing today? Shall we go to the beach, to the restaurant, shopping in Moraira, or why don't we take the boat and go sailing? All of these are just a few hundred metres away from this wonderful villa.

Sea View Villa for sale in Pla del Mar Moraira



Those above are just a small selection of villas with sea views for sale in Moraira, view our full catalogue of sea view props in Moraira here


Thank you for reading this blog and we hope the information provided was helpful. 



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La Cometa Moraira - Info about the Area November 17, 2020


What to expect

Moraira, services, amenities and beaches at your doorstep!


The lifestyle

A unique way of living by the Med Sea


Unexpected Appeal

A well established area with beautiful areas and well kept infrastructure


You'll fall in love with

The proximity to everything and the friendly atmosphere


The Market

No doubt one of the best areas within Moraira with great rental value



Services and amenities nearby La Cometa


A wide range of all kind of restaurants can be found within walking distance, like Kosta Restaurant, the Indian Kathmandu or Chamizo by the sea front.


There is a small commercial centre by the beach with Pharmacy, News Agents, Bakery and other shops


The nearest beaches are: The sandy beach of L'Ampolla (main beach in Moraira with all kind of facilities) Platjetes beach near the Chamizo Beach Bar or the Algas Beach also including Beach Bars and restaurants.




Safe walk to Moraira


A wide and safe pavement along the beach and sea front from La Cometa into Moraira, ideal to walk to Moraira and back to your house. Stunning scenary and beautiful views as well as some shops and restaurants.



The Weather

Location: La Cometa, Moraira

Coords: 38°41'14.3"N 0°07'21.6"E

Days of Sunshine: 330 days a year

Average Temperature: 18º


La Cometa, Moraira - Statistics

The evolution of the housing market price in La Cometa area of Moraira, during the last 5 years has been stable with a slight increase, making the area of  La Cometa one of the best areas to invest in the Costa Blanca.



Properties & Villas for sale in La Cometa Moraira, Spain


Brassa Homes® invite you to take a look at our selection of Villas for sale in Moraira La Cometa and we are at your disposal for any further information.

Our portfolio of La Cometa Moraira villas for sale, has been previously checked to ensure you a stress-free buying process. Enjoy going through it!


History of Moraira - Part 1 November 10, 2020


Partition of the Castell de Calpe district and delimitation of the Calpe, Benissa and Teulada-Moraira districts


     The document you hold in your hands, which is the cause of the commemoration we are holding today, represents a transcendental milestone in the history of our peoples. In the first place, it represents the rupture and disappearance of the administrative Muslim division in force in our area, and secondly, it marks the territorial boundaries that will remain from its origin, at that time, until the present day.

     Let's forget about the urban population of the Valencian taifas and focus on the rural world. This, during the Muslim period, showed a different structure to that typical of the medieval Christian world. Except for the large cities, which had a concentrated population within their boundaries, in the rest we find farmers in a habitat, not completely dispersed, but settled in farmhouses, which in that period were small centres of population, what we call today villages, depending administratively and militarily on a larger entity, the "castle". This, as Guichard states and we can see by the numerous archaeological remains existing in our country, presents several types, of all of them we are interested in one in particular, not the one that includes a series of complex constructions, where the stately residence with a permanent military garrison is found, but that other model that simply consists of a wide defensive enclosure, with walls and taking advantage of the incidences of the land, being in its interior a great cistern and perhaps some isolated construction that serves as a grain store, or of residence of a tiny garrison.

     This type of castle, which has its influence on an important area populated by scattered farmhouses, is the so-called "Castle of Calpe", which will serve as a refuge for small towns in times of danger.

     Therefore, we must imagine an agricultural world gathered in small population centres, the farmhouses, which in case of threat are momentarily abandoned, and whose inhabitants, together with their most precious and earned belongings, are concentrated in the castle.

     Therefore, when before and after the Christian conquest we find denominations such as the castle of Pego, that of Gallinera, Alfandech, Penáguila or Calpe, the sources are referring to that defensive enclosure and its term that includes a certain number of small towns or villages.

     This denomination of Muslim origin, which is a characteristic form of settlement, was maintained for a long time after the incorporation into the Western world by the conquest of Don Jaime I.

     The "Castle of Calp" or "district of the castle of Calpe" encompasses a geographical area, in which during the 18th and part of the 14th century we only find farmhouses such as Teulada-Moraira, Benissa, Canuta, Lomber, Benimanyunt, Lleus, Albinyent, Senija, etc. All in the same circumstances more or less. With time some disappeared, like the case of Lomber, Paratella, etc..., others lost their population but have remained in the memory as rural areas, such as Canor, La Canuta, Benimanyunt, etc... And finally, the lesser ones, either because of time, or because of their geographical location, or the interest of the nobility or their inhabitants, will evolve into relatively important population centres. This is the process that Calpe, Benissa and Teulada-Moraira underwent from the second half of the 14th century onwards.



     The only attempt at a new settlement, created by the wishes of the monarchy and then the lords, which took place in "Calpe Castle", failed miserably; we refer to Ifac.

     The gradual increase in population and the complexity of society led to the need for a territorial division. The "district of the castle of Calpe" was somewhat too vague for the needs of the time. Calp, Benissa and Teulada-Moraira would need, for their good development, their own municipal government and a well-marked territory belonging to them. As a logical consequence of progress, the need to divide up the "district of the castle of Calpe" was raised. This is a slow process, initiated several years before its last chapter, the one we commemorate today.

     We have already commented on the failure of various attempts to achieve a stable population in Ifac. In year 1. 344, due to the insecurity of the time due to the continuous attacks by Muslim pirates and its proximity to the coast, a large part of those who had houses and estates in Ifac abandoned them, and chose to look for safer places, moving away from the coast, some in Calpe, a little further away from the coast although the majority of the former inhabitants of the Rock went to settle in the Benissa village, a fact that will allow the latter to take off and later develop by considerably increasing its population in relation to the other villages in the district. From that moment on, Benissa became the most populated centre of the "Castillo de Calpe".

     In the middle of the 14th century, specifically in 1355, the "district of Calpe Castle" became part of an important lordship, both because of its size, the County of Denia, which included the two Marinas, and because of the lords who held its domain, the son and grandson of the Infante Pedro, Count of Ribagorza, fourth son of King Don Jaime II.

      Don Pedro received from his father Dénia and Gandía, to which he soon added the territories that had been under the lordship of Admiral Bernat de Sarriá. In this way, all the lands from Dénia to La Vilajoiosa y Callosa were under his power, except for a small territory, which was precisely that of "Calpe Castle", which was in the hands of the heiress of the other great Admiral Roger de Lluria. By a post-mortem donation, the goods of Doña Margarita de Llauria passed to the Crown, that is, to Don Pedro el Ceremonioso. The latter, who was extremely grateful to his uncle, at that time his main advisor, despite the provisions of the Countess of Newfoundland's will, arranged the matter so that these domains passed to the infant too, but the latter had already decided on his future, which was to abandon the Court and his assets in order to join the Franciscan Order.

     Before he entered religion, Don Pedro divided his many possessions among his children. Thus Don Alfonso, the first-born of the Infante, was paid for the services rendered to the Monarchy by his father. Pedro the Ceremonious named him Count of Denia, including within its boundaries the "castle of Calpe", with all its villages and belongings.

     Don Alfonso of Aragon, the first Count of Denia, became one of the most powerful feudal lords of the Catalan-Aragonese crown, firstly because of his status as a member of the Catalan Royal House, grandson and cousin of kings; and because of the great extension of his domains. Don Alfonso had inherited from his father the County of Ribagorza, Gandía, Dénia, Ayora and Cortes. Due to his marriage to Doña Violante de Arenós, he incorporated the Barony of this name into his estate.

     The Count of Denia actively participated in the Castilian civil war in support of Enrique de Trastamara. In Nájera, Don Enrique's troops suffered an important defeat at the hands of Don Pedro el Cruel's allies, the English and Burgundians. Don Alfonso was taken prisoner and after complicated negotiations, he obtained his freedom in exchange for handing over his son Don Alfonso, known as El Jove (Junior), as a hostage to differentiate him from his father. Alfonso el Vell (Senior). Finally, Don Enrique was awarded the Castilian crown and thanked the Count for handing over the Marquisate of Villena.

     Alfonso El Joven (Junior) remained in the hands of the English and Burgundians for more than 20 years, waiting for his father to reach an agreement and make the payment of the ransom finally fixed between the two parties. This fact would greatly affect the inhabitants of the paternal domains, since systematically and throughout the period, all the places belonging to Alfonso, would have to face the payment of special contributions destined to the payment of the heir's ransom.

     In parallel to the problems of the nobility, the very dynamics of the new Christian society, with its concentrated population, together with the many internal and external problems that characterised the 14th century, favoured the change that the region was experiencing. The many Muslim populations that existed at the time of the conquest had reduced their numbers, and the Christian population, which was slow to arrive and was initially in the minority, sought to counteract their smaller size through unity and concentration.

     From 1350-1360 we find in the documentation that the centres that will later ask for territorial division are already perfectly developed and with a majority of Christian population. From this point onwards there is a clear differentiation between the "places" of Calpe, Benissa and Teulada-Moraira and the rest of the districts, which in most cases appear to be anonymous. The three towns seem to have divided up the functions of protection and control over the other districts. In the year 1368 the maximum civil authority of the district resides in Benissa, and orders that the juries of the district come to this place to fulfil the obligation of advising it in court.

     Once the court of justice is installed in Benissa and having the municipal officials and also anyone who has administrative problems go there, it seems that Benissa becomes the centre or capital of the "termino del Castillo de Calpe". There the auctions, purchases and sales will be carried out, the problems of rent will be solved, etc... It could be thought that the logical evolution of the situation would be that the "termino del Castillo" would become the "termino de Benissa", but Teulada-Moraira and Calpe also grew up and at the moment it seems that they are not very interested in the administrative world, as they accept by good disposition the Justice of the term. Their sights are set on another matter. Both monarchs and lords, in most cases, when it came to collecting taxes and rents, opted for the quickest system, although this always meant a loss of capital; this consisted of renting out the taxes to be collected. One person, the lessor, advanced the calculated amount and took charge of it after collection. Thus, the rights of the third tithe, the salt mines, etc., are rented by the residents of Calpe and Teulada-Moraira in the majority of cases. During these years the mill and market in Calpe also underwent improvements.

     Despite this, friction between the three peoples was continuous, as was the lack of agreement on common obligations, as in the case of the surveillance of the coast, which the division and subsequent lordly regulations failed to resolve.

      The problems seem to have reached their peak in the year 1377 between Benissa and Teulada-Moraira. A definitive solution was needed and this was taken somewhat indirectly. On the 7th of April Arnau Ivars and Bernat Feliu appeared before the Count as representatives of the Benissa community on the one hand, and Ferrer Banyuls and Jaume Ivas on the other hand, from the University of Teulada-Moraira, asking the Count to decide on the issue facing them.

     The people of Teulada-Moraira wish to build a church and for this they have the permission of the Bishop of Valencia. As they had collaborated in wages and money to the construction of San Pere de Benissa, they consider that it is an obligation of their neighbours to collaborate in the same way, something with which the people of Benissa seem to disagree. Dono Alfonso, after listening to both parties, is inclined to favour the Benissa residents, as he considers that they are not obliged to collaborate in the construction of the church of Teulada-Moraira. 

     Together with the aforementioned matter, Teulada put a much more important one on the table by requesting to have justice, juries and other municipal officials of their own, so that they can exercise their own jurisdiction, avoiding the interference of Benissa's officials, arguing that this would be the best way to avoid the numerous expenses caused by the lawsuits held between the two places. For their part the representatives of Benissa seem to agree with the request.

     If the answer of the Count was negative in the matter of the church, he answers in the affirmative to this request.

     Adding that if the gentleman or his solicitor considers it necessary to call a council for the whole term, they are all obliged to go to this parliament which will be held in Benissa.

     The aforementioned document informs us that in the year 1377, Benissa, apart from being the official seat of government for the whole term, has its own Council, that is to say, a municipal government of its own, whose functioning must be followed by the new authorities of Teulada-Moraira.

     A similar process took place in Calp. We cannot give the exact date when they got their own Council or municipality from the lordly power, but it is perfectly logical, that either before, after, or at the same time as Teulada-Moraira, and by the same route they will achieve it.

     A few years later, specifically from 1382, the existence of the juries of the place of Calp is documented, which implies the presence of an autonomous municipal government. In the same year, Pere March, the local procurator, had to go to Benissa to try to solve the perpetual problem of the guaitas marítimas for the umpteenth time. There it is stated that the inhabitants of the "termino" must take care of the surveillance of the coast between the port of Altea and Moraira. Before taking any decision, the representative of the town gathers information from the justices, juries, etc. of the whole "term", i.e. Calpe, Benissa and Teulada-Moraira, as the decision to be taken will affect the whole "term". Finally, the decision will be made to maintain the obligations that were customary in the past, with each town taking charge of a specific area of the coast, which more or less coincides with the current coastal limits of each municipality.

     We are facing a new situation. In the "Calpe Castle area" three municipalities have emerged, Benissa, Calpe and Teulada-Moraira, with an undivided municipal area and therefore common to all three. This situation was impossible to sustain for long. A division of the territory was necessary and this took place in the year 1.386, between the 7th and 16th of February.

Coat of arms of Teulada-Moraira in the year 1.386

     The partition of the towns has come to us through copies.  The originals, as each village kept a document, have disappeared along with the historical archives of each village. Thanks to the fact that this division was registered in the Civil Court of Justice in Valencia, we have been able to learn about the facts.

     In the year 1.563 and due to the poor state of the parchment in Benissa's possession, the local university asked for a copy of the document to be made. The notary in charge of making it doubts, since the original is found with abundant holes, which prevent the reading of some pieces. The Civil Justice is approached and this orders that the copy is made, leaving blank the areas where the deterioration prevents its reading and that the notary, when he proceeds to validate the new document, points them out, ordering that the copy be registered in the books of his court.

     We have one of the copies in front of us, in which we see that this last episode starts before the dates indicated by the document. On 7th February 1386, before Don Alfonso, Count of Denia, the representatives of Calpinos and Teuladinos, Nicolás Cabrera and Pascual Banyuls respectively, handed over a letter referring to a previous request, made by the inhabitants of the three villages together, in which they asked that these places belonging to the "district of the castle of Calpe" be separated from each other.

     Nicolás Cabrera and Pascual Banyuls asked the gentleman to appoint a representative, either in the person of Pere March, his attorney general, known to all and father of the poet Ausias March, or any other person, to proceed on his behalf and point out the landmarks of the new territories.

     Don Alfonso, considering the request reasonable, since everyone thinks that the division will solve many of the problems that have arisen between the three communities, orders Pere March, his general procurator in all his Valencian domains, as soon as he is able to appear in the area and in full freedom and before the leaders of the three communities, to give each of them a territory.

     Once the preliminaries had been resolved, on 15th February, Pere March, in the company of the notary Francesc Fiscal, the representative of Benissa Arnau Ivars and that of Teulada Bernat Cortés, and on the ground, proceeded to separate the territories of both, acting as a witness to the act Domingo Jorro and Domingo Cabrera.

     Later, on 16th February of the same month and year, Pere March and Guillem Buigues, from Benissa, with the approval of the Calpinos, proceeded to divide Calpe and Benissa, in the presence of the aforementioned notary and the same witnesses.

      Once the separation had been carried out on the ground, the document was drafted, witness to the event, in the presence of the Council of Benissa and the representatives of the Calpe Castle district, all of them gathered in the Church of Benissa.

     The "Termino del Castillo de Calpe", of Muslim origin and depending on the needs of a particular historical moment, had lost its raison d'être.

     From before the definitive division, the defence of the coast and other administrative and military obligations were organised by the three most important centres of population, which extended their protection over the closest farmhouses, which from 1,386 onwards would form part of one of the three municipal districts. At the beginning of the 15th century, the "district" included the towns of Calp, Benissa and Teulada-Moraira, together with the alquerias of Benimaraig, Lleus, Albinyent, Senija, Canor, Benimanyull, all of which had a Muslim population, while the towns were totally dominated by the Christians. In fact, before the end of the 14th century, Benissa and Teulada no longer had an Islamic population within their walls, while Calpe had a raval or morería (this was a neighbourhood where the Moorish population lived in a Christian town in the Middle Ages).

     The stately administration had been founded in the Muslim organisation of the "municipal district of Calpe", that is, a single municipality that had various population centres of the same category. The new situation created from 1,386 onwards could cause numerous problems for the county officials with regard to jurisdiction and the collection of duties and taxes.

     To avoid problems, the county administration kept the figure of the "baile" (this was the main seigniorial official, in charge of the care and government of the county's assets, and was therefore the permanent representative in the "district" of Don Alfonso or his procurator; as such, he was responsible for delivering the taxes collected jointly.) of the "district of castle"

     Pere March did not forget the possible problems that could arise from the new situation, and in the same partition document he dictated some rules to be followed.

     "The peita" was the main tax, at least the most abundant. It was levied on real estate, and therefore its distribution should not cause major problems. The municipality paid the sum of 1,500 salaries together. From 1,386 onwards, each municipality paid according to the value of its territories. 

     The territorial division did not alter the cadastral value, but a new situation arose for the inhabitants of these places. It could happen that a neighbour of one of them had his land in the municipality other than his own, and the doubt arose as to where he should pay "the peita". The solicitor established that "la peita" would be paid in the municipality where the property was held, whether or not the person lived there.

     The same problem arose with the 1,000 annual salaries they paid from a census (a debt security, guaranteed by a mortgage with a retro agreement, which gives the creditor the right to a fixed income until the capital is repaid). The amounts will be distributed in the same way as "la peita", obliging equally the foreigners, neighbours and property owners of each place. The jurors will be responsible for collecting the money, and on the dates set for payment.

     Any holder of property in one of the municipalities, even if he does not reside there, will have to contribute to the common expenses caused by the payment of the salaries of justice, juries, etc. Likewise, unforeseen and unspecified expenses will be regulated by the Council of each place before determining the amounts to be paid.

     The partition of the territory was the solution to a series of problems and the facilitation of others, since it involved a decentralisation of the communal government. But some issues that caused previous friction continued. Cattle and the use of communal pastures were the cause of numerous disputes between the new communities over the centuries. Likewise, the so many times mentioned defence of the coast, which had been highly regulated since ancient times, was the cause of continuous stately interventions due to the lack of agreement regarding the burdens of each town.

     The administrative division created a new problem, perhaps the most spectacular, due to the amount of ink spilled and its uselessness. The dispute between Calpe and Benissa over which of the two was the capital arose.

     Despite all this, the division carried out by Pere March was never called into question, nor did it ever cause any kind of problem or dispute, as occurred in other places, where territorial boundaries were the cause of lengthy disputes and even armed confrontations.

     What we cannot hide is that the three communities, linked to each other by lordships and by various final clauses of the partition, had to share the same historical path. Real life moved by interests led to disputes and lawsuits which we hope to be able to bring to light soon. However, despite the domestic disagreements between the three municipalities, we must recognise that the substance of the document of 1386, i.e. the limits of each term, never caused any confrontation. Therefore we conclude, in the words of the Councillor for Culture, that the division of Pere March was a well done and therefore lasting work. Time has demonstrated this.




Alcasar Moraira - Info about the Area November 08, 2020


What to expect

A beautiful spot with a countryside feel, unspoiled views and excellent insfrastructure.


The lifestyle

Pure Mediterranean, relaxed way of living and a great community


Unexpected Appeal

Established area where the houses are integrated with the nature.


You'll fall in love with

The proximity to all services and amenities, as well as the views and its South-West orientation to enjoy the Sunsets from your house.


The Market

Increasingly competitive, with great value still available.



Location, location, location


El Alcasar, a top urbanisation in Moraira yet to be discovered by many! Located on a gently sloped hillside, ideal to enjoy the views on offer, the urbanisation has many services close by.



All year round services


Along the Moraira-Benitachell road, where Alcasar is located, we can find the main Supermarkets, several bars and restaurants and all kind of shops. All those are on you way out or back to your house and offer easy parking.



For the sport lovers, near Alcasar we can find the Sol Park Tennis Club, as well as several trekking routes, which are ideal for walking with the dog.

Other services close by are a private hospital and pharmacy 



What's coming next in Alcasar Moraira....


The General Urban Plan of Moraira contemplates a new urbanization in the area of Alcasar, connecting by means of an illuminated boulevard, the area of Alcasar with the centre of Moraira



How is the infrastructure in Alcasar like?


One of the best infrastructures in Moraira, which was developed in the 1980s by one of the best developers "Urbeco" back those days, including wide roads with pavements and street lighting as well as mains drainage. The villas are located on large plots of land, for greater privacy.

There is only one way in and out for extra security.

Large number of stone walls, which give a characteristic and warm aspect to the urbanization. 



How are the views like from Alcasar Moraira like?


The top part of Alcasar enjoys sea views including the Calpe Rock, the vineyards fields and the Bernia Mountain range where the Sunsets are just stunning.



The lower part has the same views except the sea views.

Unspoiled panoramic views are guaranteed as Alcasar faces a vast protected area with vineyard fields 



Distance from Alcasar to Moraira



Distance from Alcasar area to Moraira Town

Segment Stats

Distance: 2,9 km

Elevation change: -39 m

Min elevation: 43 m

Max elevation: 82 m


As show in the graph above the distance from Alcasar to Moraira is 2,9 km and flat profile.



The Weather


Location: Alcasar, Moraira, Spain

Coords: 38°42'40.6"N 0°08'24.1"E

Days of Sunshine: 330 per year

Average Temperature: 18ºC



Alcasar Moraira - Statistics


The evolution of the housing market price in Alcasar area of Moraira, during the last 5 years has been stable with a slight increase, making the area of Alcasar, Moraira one of the best areas to invest on the Costa Blanca.



Properties and Villas for sale in Alcasar Moraira, Spain


Brassa Homes® invite you to take a look at our selection of villas for sale in Alcasar Moraira, and we are at your disposal for any further information.

Our portfolio of Alcasar Moraira villas for sale, has been previously checked to ensure you a stress-free buying process. Enjoy going through it!



Paichi Moraira - Info about the Area November 07, 2020


What to expect

An established and sunny area not far from services, the beaches and more...


The lifestyle

Pure Mediterranean Living in probably the best town on the Costa Blanca


Unexpected Appeal

Great mix of nationalities, all living together in harmony.


You'll fall in love with

It's South-West orientation and its proximity to services and the Sol Park centre with sports facilities.


The Market

Paichi is a good spot in Moraira, within a short drive to everything you may need. Beautiful Spanish villas mixed with contemporary properties.



Services and amenities nearby Paichi


There is no doubt that Paichi enjoys an excellent enclave, located close to everything. A 5 minute drive from almost everything, the centre of Moraira, its beaches, bars, restaurants, sports and leisure areas.


Would you like to play tennis or paddle today? The tennis courts in Sol Park are very close, and the paddle courts in the centre of Moraira are also close by.


Thinking on spending a day on the beach? The main beaches of Moraira (El Portet, L'Ampolla or Platjetes) can be reached within no more than 5 min drive.


Would you like to do some shopping? There are 3 shopping centres very close to Paichi with all kinds of shops 


A romantic dinner or with friends? There is a wide variety of restaurants, bars and taverns with live music of all kinds and styles nearby.



Safe walk into Moraira


Paichi is located on the road from Moraira to Benitachell, and recently a wide illuminated pavement has been created to allow people walk into Moraira.



The Weather

Location: Paichi, Moraira

Coords: 38°42'09.8"N 0°08'12.3"E​

Days of Sunshine: 330 days a year

Average Temperature: 18º


Paichi, Moraira - Statistics

The evolution of the housing market price in Paichi area of Moraira, during the last 5 years has been stable with a slight increase, making the area of Paichi one of the best areas to invest in the Costa Blanca.



Properties & Villas for sale in Paichi Moraira, Spain


Brassa Homes® invite you to take a look at our selection of Villas for sale in Moraira Paichi and we are at your disposal for any further information.

Our portfolio of Paichi Moraira villas for sale, has been previously checked to ensure you a stress-free buying process. Enjoy going through it!


Pinar del Advocat Moraira - Info about the Area November 02, 2020


What to expect

A sunny area close to the village, beaches and services.


The lifestyle

Living in Pinar del Advocat Moraira, means enjoying the Sun all year around thanks to its orientation.


Unexpected appeal

A well kept area with a Mediterranean feel and great athmosphere.


You'll fall in love with

The proximity to Moraira and beaches, Pinar del Advocat is a great place to live in.


The market

Perhaps not as know as the areas of Pla del Mar or El Portet, but no doubt Pinar del Advocat is as good as those.



Within Pinar del Advocat there are several places for the entertaining, like Gastro Bar21 or the traditional Spanish "Ca Pepe" Restaurant. There is a garden center and the shops and services at Milla de Oro Commercial centre along the Moraira-Calpe road, just in front "Platjetes beach" are close by.

Also worth mentioning the Swiss Hotel and the restaurant.

The telephone and Internet connections are excellent.


The main type is detached villas on plots starting at 700 square meters, but also bungalows with communal pool and gardens can be found, like for example in "Florida Park" or in "Els Pins Park"


New Urbanisations

Some of the most well known urbanisations in Pinar del Advocat are for example:

El Bosque, which is within stones thrown to Moraira and beaches. It is an urbanisation developed in year 1995 with all modern facilities like wide roads, street lighting, pavements, underground cables and main drainage, amongst others... The sea views from the mid to high part are just stunning.

Club Moraira, an urbanisation developed in the 70's, next to the Swiss Hotel.

There are two new urbanisations coming soon "Moraira Palms" which consists of 40 beautiful plots in a modern community, and "Residencial Monteminod", a gated community of 20 semi-detached villas, in modern style with private pool. The villas enjoy panoramic views and a great location 15 min walk to Moraira and beaches.


The Weather

Location: Pinar del Advocat

Coords: 38º 41' 37.3" N 0º 07' 09.3" E 

Days of Sunshine: 330 days per year

Average Temperature: 18º


Pinar del Advocat - Statistics

The evolution of the housing market prices in Pinar del Advocat, Moraira, during the last 5 years has been stable with a slight increase. Pinar del Advocat, the little gem in Moraira.


Villas for sale in Pinar del Advocat, Moraira, Spain


Brassa Homes® invite you to take a look at our selection of Villas for sale in Pinar del Advocat Moraira and we are at your disposal for any further information.

Our portfolio of Pinar del Advocat Moraira villas for sale, has been previously checked to ensure you a stress-free buying process. Enjoy going through it!



Moraira Urban Plot Taxes & Responsibilities October 05, 2020


Where the buyer of the plot is an individual there are two options, depending on the nature of the vendor, which is to say:


-          If you buy a plot and the vendor-builder subsequently builds a house for you, you are liable for 10% VAT on the development.


-          If you only buy the land (without any obligation to build on it) you are liable for 21% VAT if the owner is a Company and 10% if the owner is an individual. In addition, you are liable for 10% VAT on any new construction on the property.


Other expenses to bear in mind when buying a plot are Notary and Land Registry fees (both approx 0.5%)


We should also clarify the differences between your legal position in one case or another:


         If you buy a finished house (plot & build) you are legally considered a buyer-user and thus covered by Law 57/1968 which obliges the developer to guarantee, either by bank guarantee or insurance policy, all monies paid on account.


-          However, if you buy a plot and then build a residence on it you are considered an auto-developer.


This is an important point because both the obligations and the responsibilities of buyer-consumers and auto-developers are quite different.


-          If you buy a finished house (plot & build) from a Company you are considered the end user and therefore not responsible for obtaining  licences, permits, certificates of first occupancy etc... or indeed issues that may arise thereafter due to urban planning regulations. Simply put, you have no other responsibility but to pay the developer the agreed sum.


-          However, if you buy a plot and then build on it as the owner you are considered an auto-developer and, as such, are liable to third parties to comply with urban planning regulations, obtain licences and certificates of first occupancy etc... It should be noted that this also includes structural issues such as cracks, subsidence and damp. With regard to structural issues, if you sell the property to a third party you become legally liable to that person as, being an auto-developer, you are considered equally responsible  as those involved in the construction (builders, architects, surveyors etc)


Where the buyer of the plot is a Company, said Company can deduct the VAT from the price of the land and the cost of building the house.


The Company must however work as a building company and carries a series of duties and responsibilities such as registration with IAE, quarterly VAT, Company tax statements etc.


This guide is intended as a brief resumé of general information and does not constitute legal advice.


You may be also interested in reading about our Basic Guide and Regulations to Build in Moraira.


San Jaime - Info about the Area October 01, 2020


What to expect

A great mix of nationalities living together in a strong community orientated neighbourhood.


The lifestyle

Living in San Jaime means enjoying the Spanish relaxed way of living under the Sun, socialising with its inhabitants.


Unexpected appeal

A little paradise that retains its character and charm bathed with a fresh Sea Breeze.


You'll fall in love with

The urbanisation itself is very well kept and tidy. The green areas and Golf Club is the perfect place for entertaining.


The market

No doubt San Jaime is one of the Top 5 areas in Moraira, and keeps its value, making the area a great location to place your investment.


Ifach Golf Club

The Club House is available to members and visitors alike. The "cafetería" has a spectacular terrace, partly covered "riu rau", from which you can see much of the countryside and enjoy one of the best views of the Valencian Community, the Med Sea and the Rock of Ifach in the background.

The social club has an extensive range of facilities to members, changing rooms, showers, lockers, cafetería service, umbrellas and sun beds, amongst other services are all at your disposal.


Restaurante Masia San Jaime

Specialist in Mediterranean cuisine the restaurant occupies a rustic farmhouse, keeping all its aesthetic and retaining much of the original features. It has spectacular terraces, barbeque deck, large rooms and a courtyard of spectacular beauty. You can arrange hosting events at their facilities. It is managed by the Masian San Jaume Restaurant and it's oepn from 10 am to 8 pm depending on the season.


San Jaime Golf Club - Moraira


The Golf course facilities

A family athmosphere & 9 holes to challenge you.

A Golf Academy and kids golf school runned by a PGA professional member.

Since 2015 has an agreement been in place with Moraira's Town Hall to bring the sport of golf to everybody.

Offers a good all year round competition calendar.

Ifach Golf Club also offers three tennis courts to their members and visitors. Users of these facilities have changing rooms, shower and lockers.


The Swimming Pool

The Club offers to its members and visitors a swimming pool with spectacular views of the Rock of Ifach.


Services close by to San Jaime

Worth mentioning Pepe La Sal Supermarket with a wide range of national and international products.


Pepe La Sal Supermarket - Moraira


There is also a Bus Stop that goes regularly to Moraira and back.

Recently the Town Hall of Moraira created a 3,5 km cycle path that extends from the roundabout in the lower part of the San Jaime urbanisation to the town centre of Moraira, with a fairly flat profile, offering the possibility of going to Moraira in just under 10 minutes.

A new petrol station is located at the entrance of San Jaime, just next to Pepe La Sal Supermarket.


Petrol Station in San Jaime - Moraira


The Weather

Location: San Jaime

Coords: 38º 41' 13.7" N 0º 06' 28.5" E

Days of Sunshine: 330 days per year

Average Temperature: 18º


San Jaime - Statistics

The evolution of the housing market prices in San Jaime, Moraira, during the last 5 years has been stable with a slight increase. San Jaime is one of the best areas to invest in the Costa Blanca.


Villas for sale in San Jaime, Moraira, Spain


Brassa Homes® invite you to take a look at our selection of Villas for sale in San Jaime Moraira and we are at your disposal for any further information.

Our portfolio of San Jaime Moraira villas for sale, has been previously checked to ensure you a stress-free buying process. Enjoy going through it!



Moravit Moraira - Info about the Area September 29, 2020


What to expect

A sunny and vibrant spot, close to amenities and beaches, ideal for holidays or for all year living.


The lifestyle

Pure Mediterranean lifestyle, beach, friends, good food and a relaxed way of living.


Unexpected Appeal

Your house close to Moraira's most lively area "The Algas Beach" with a great athmosphere.


You'll fall in love with

The people, the weather and it's proximity to Moraira, beaches and services, as well as the Golf Club.


The Market

Location, location, location Moravit enjoys a privileged location, ideal for holiday lets. The area will always be one of the most in demand within Moraira.



A wide range of services are on your doorstep, to enjoy the Spanish lifestyle!

There is a Bus Stop that goes regularily to Moraira and back.

The telephone and internet connections are excellent.

Pepe La Sal "Supermercado" on the Moraira-Calpe road stocks a wide range of national and interntational produce. Other excellent services on this road include a petrol station, pharmacy, bank, newsagents...


Moraira Yacht Club


Worth mentioning Moravit is close to San Jaime, where the Golf Club is located, and only 15 min drive to the Yacht Club in Moraira centre.


Algas Beach Bar & La Cabana Cocktails on the Beach

Moraira's most fashionable place for entertaining and to have a good time. An international athmosphere by the beach, ideal in the evenings to relax and watch the sunsets.

There is a little stone beach ideal fro snorkling, which is close by to the bar with ample parking and excellent restaurants.



Bicycle Line

Recently, the Town Hall of Moraira created a 3,5 km cycle path taht extends all along the Moravit urbanisation to the town centre of Moraira. A fairly flat profile, offering the possibility of going to Moraira in just under 10 minutes.


The Weather

Location: Moravit, Moraira

Coords: 38º 40' 58.3" N 0º 06' 44.3" E

Days of Sunshine: 330 days a year

Average Temperature: 18º



Moravit, Moraira - Statistics

The evolution of the housing market price in Moravit area of Moraira, during the last 5 years has been stable with a slight increase, making the area of Moravit one of the best areas to invest in the Costa Blanca.


Properties & Villas for sale in Moravit Moraira, Spain


Brassa Homes® invite you to take a look at our selection of Villas for sale in Moravit, Moraira and we are at your disposal for any further information.

Our portfolio of Moravit Moraira villas for sale, has been previously checked to ensure you a stress-free buying process. Enjoy going through it!



Cap Blanc Moraira - Info about the Area September 28, 2020


What to expect

Stunning sea views in the most Southern point in Moraira and impressive view to Calpe Rock.


The lifestyle

Relaxed quality way of living by the Mediterranean Sea with family and friends enjoying long sunny days.


Unexpected Appeal

One of Moraira's most exclusive neighbourhoods, overlooking the Med Sea. Just feel the breeze every day!


You'll fall in love with

It's proximity to amenities, beaches, services, the golf club and the great athmosphere.


The Market

Location, location, location, Cap Blanc hosts impressive properties, both residential and holiday homes.


Cap Blanc Insight & Overview

"A balcony to the Mediterranean" (says it all, doesn't it! Cap Blanc is one of the safest places to live in as there is only one way in & out for the hole area.

Cap Blanc or "Punta Estrella" is also not far from Cala Baladrar where, there is a great Beach Bar with a stunning terrace under pine trees overlooking the sea.


Front line to the Med Sea at Cap Blanc Moraira



San Jaime Golf Club is only 5 min drive and within walking distance of the Pepe la Sal Commercial Centre with supermarket, pharmacy, shops, hairdressers, restaurants and coffee shops amongst others, along the Moraira - Calpe Road.


The Hidden Beach

Only a few prople knows that a little and remote cove is located under the cliffs of Cap Blanc, the access is not easy but tranquility is guaranteed. To get there, there is a little path that goes almost unnoticed..... It's a cave where locals used to go for fishing and some still do. Worth visiting at least once!


The hidden bach at Cap Blanc Moraira


The ifach Golf Course facilities

Cap Blanc benefits from being close to the San Jaime Golf Club, only with 9 holes and a social Club, it's the ideal place for socializing and meet new people in a friendly athmosphere.

During all year a really good competition calendar to challege yourself!

The Golf Club also offers 3 tennis courts as well a restaurant, wehre have a drink or eat with friends.

The members have access to changing rooms, shower and locker.


San Jaime Golf Course, nearby Cap Blanc area of Moraira


Top 5 Reasons why People lkes Cap Blanc

The Sea Views

The Sea and coastline view with Calpe Rock in the background are an absolute delight for the senses.

Exclusive Neighbourhood

The international residents of Cap Blanc enjoy a privileged lifestyle.

Proximity to Services

Beach, Golf, Coffee by the beach, Shopping today? All close by!

It's South facing aspect

Enjoy Sunlight all day at your pool terrace at Cap Blanc, thats to its South orientation.

Bycilcle lane

From Cap Blanc there is a flat level bicycle lane along the shops and the coast line up to the village of Moraira.

Upmarket area

Many of my clients say Moraira is the little Saint-Tropez on the Costa Blanca, that says it all, doesn't it? Moraira is one of the few towns allong the Spanish coast, which has not been un-spoiled by overbuilding. There are no high buildings in our town.


Cap Blanc, Moraira - Statistics

The evolution of the housing market price in Cap Blanc area of Moraira, during the last 5 years has been stable with a slight increase, making the area of Cap Blanc one of the best areas to invest in the Costa Blanca.


The Weather

Location: Cap Blanc, Moraira

Coords: 38º 40' 30.2" N 0º 06' 50.8" E

Days of Sunshine: 330 days a year

Average Temperature: 18º


What People says about Cap Blanc - Moraira



"Very nice"

Another coastal gem in the Moraira area. This is yet another beautiful beach, lovely scenery surrounding the crystal clear sea. Another must see.


Reviewed March 19, 2019

629 stuarty, Swansea Country, United Kindom



"Hard to find but worht it"

I was hard to find the beach but one we dit it was perfect. Quiet and private and stunning views to Calpe. This has become a favourite of ours in the heat of the summer and also a great place for a flask out of season. Great for those who enjoy snorkelling.


misay66 wrote a review March 2018

County Durham, United Kindom



Properties & Villas for sale in Cap Blanc Moraira, Spain


Brassa Homes® invite you to take a look at our selection of Villas for sale in Cap Blanc Moraira and we are at your disposal for any further information.

Our portfolio of Cap Blanc Moraira villas for sale, has been previously checked to ensure you a stress-free buying process. Enjoy going through it!



El Portet Moraira - Info about the Area September 26, 2020


What to expect

El Portet enjoys being one of the most privileged areas of Moraira. It offers its inhabitants a relaxed retreat but is also within a short walk along seafront promenade into the village.


The lifestyle

Calm, community orientated and unpretentious. Afternoons spent leisurely shopping in the little cobbled streets or strolling along the beach.


Unexpected Appeal

An unspoiled area framed by the Mediterranean Sea and greenery.


You'll fall in love with

The easy way you will feel at home. Dining out and blending in with the local people, feeling you have lived here forever.


The Market

Increasingly competitive, with great value still available.


It has it all! Below we point the top reasons why El Portet is the preferred area for, well-to- do Spanish families as well as for international residents from all over the world.


Location, location, location

No doubt El Portet enjoys a privileged location, that offers its inhabitants a relaxed retreat within a short walk along the seafront promenade to Moraira village. Moraira’s Yacht Club is also found within a short walk from El Portet, so let’s enjoy it!


El Portet Beach


The crystal clear waters of El Portet sandy beach are ideal for diving or to have fun with your family and friends.

This beach has been awarded by the coveted Blue Flag award year after year, for its clean waters and variety of services like public toilets, parking and lifeguard service.


El Portet Beach - Moraira


Since ancient times, El Portet inlet has been a natural shelter from the storms of the east, which is one of the predominant winds in the area, as shown on the navigation chart of the Spanish navy's hidrographic institute. It is a paradise throughout mos of the year.

In year 2018 due to storms the beach had to be reconditioned and now has more than 20 m wide area, which along with its transparent waters and in this idyllic environment is a place that has nothing to envy to the beaches of the Caribbean.


The sandy beach of El Portet, Moraira, Costa Blanca, Spain



The crystal clear water of El Portet sandy beach are ideal for diving or just splashing around in the sea having fun. The beach is very popular in the summer season and has been awarded the sought after Blue Flag year on year for the clean waters and excellent services such as public toilets and liefeguards.

Christmas Day morning is a fun morning on this beach. Locals, both Spanish and Europeans arrive early wearing Santa hats with bottles of champagne to celebrate Christmas some even taking a swim before leaving for Christmas lunch.


Walking to Moraira

Walking along the coastal road a few hundred metres you can go into the municipal gardens just off the main promenade and will definitely appreciate the incredible scenery on the way to the Marina.


The coastline from El Portet into Moraira


The photograph above shows the view that awaits you there! If you carry on, you can walk along the coast to Calpe, although there isn’t a coastal path the whole way some parts will be along the road and other parts along the coastal path. It is a beautiful walk suitable for all ability levels.

An easy walk of around 1 km, then you will reach the town of Moraira. Walking along the coastal road a few hundred meter you can go in the municipal gardens just off the main promenade and will definitely appreciate the incredible scenery on the way to the Marina.

If you carry on, you can walk along the coast to Calpe, although there isn't a coastal path the whole way some parts will be along the road and others parts along the coastal path.

It is a beautiful walk suitable for all ability levels.


All year round services

There are three beach bars/restaurants serving ice cold beers, coffees, tapas or even a three course lunch if you require.

You are literally meters from the sea. On the main road around a five minute walk is a mini-market and a pharmacy. There is also a large parking area away from the beach.

The excellent Le Dolphin an affluent top tier restaurant and is an exciting place for a specila evening. Situated slightly higher than the walkway and overlooking the beach. Looking out at the twinkling lights of Moraira in the distance you will be enchanted.


Train from El Portet to Moraira

During the summer months when it is too hot to walk there is a Tourist Train from El Portet to the village. This exciting little ride takes you along the coast road from one end of Moraira to the other. The driver toots everyone he passes for passengers to get a wave from people walking along.


The Weather

Location: El Portet, Moraira, Spain

Coords: 38º 41' 15.5" N 0º 08' 46.8"E

Days of Sunshine: 330 per year

Average Temperature: 18ºC


El Portet - Statistics

The evolution of the housing market price in El Portet area of Moraira, during the last 5 years has been stable with a slight increase, making the area of El Portet, Moraira one of the best areas to invest on the Costa Blanca.


Properties and Villas for sale in El Portet, Moraira, Spain


Brassa Homes® invite you to take a look at our selection of villas for sale in El Portet Moraira, and we are at your disposal for any further information.

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Benimeit Moraira - Info about the Area September 22, 2020


What to expect

A great mix of nationalities living together in a strong community, oriented neighbourhood.


The Lifestyle

Living in Benimiet means enjoying the Spanish relaxed way of living under the Sun, socialising with its inhabitants.


Unexpected Appeal

A little paradise that retains its character and charm bathed with a fresh Sea Breeze.


You'll fall in Love with

The stunning Sea and Coastal Views from Benimeit are an absolute delight.


Services nearby Benimeit

Tabaira Shopping Centre with access to some restaurants, bars, a supermarket and hairdressers, offering ample parking.

There is a new petrol station and a commercial centre close by, including more Supermarkets and Shops.

The historical town of Teulada is within a 10 minute drive through beautiful countryside.

The A7 motorway is a 15 minute drive.

The Ca La Iaia Restaurant, is a beautifully presented restaurant with Mediterranean cousine.


Golf Club Nearby

The Golf Club offers a Club House to members and visitors alike.

The "cafetería" (coffee shop) has a spectacular terrace, partly covered "riu rau", from which you can see much of the countryside and enjoy one of the best views of the Valencian Community to the Rock of Ifach in the background.

It also has a terrace, which affords greater peace and privacy.


Why choose Benimeit to live?

The tranquillity that the area offers, yet only 3 kms from Moraira, beaches and amenities, Benimeit is the ideal place for your retirement. It's mild microclimate, Moraira has one of the most healthy and favourable in the world.

An exclusive neighbourhood with high calibre properties, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.


The Weather

Location: Benimeit, Moraira, Spain

Coords: 38º 42' 01.0" N 0º 06' 25.3"E

Days of Sunshine: 330 per year

Average Temperature: 18ºC


Benimeit - Statistics

The evolution of the housing market price in Benimeit area of Moraira, during the last 5 years has been stable with a slight increase, making the area of Benimeit, Moraira one of the best areas to invest on the Costa Blanca.



Properties and Villas for sale in Benimeit, Moraira, Spain


Brassa Homes® invite you to take a look at our selection of villas for sale in Benimeit Moraira, and we are at your disposal for any further information.

Our portfolio of Benimeit Moraira villas for sale, has been previously checked to ensure you a stress-free buying process. Enjoy going through it!



Sol Park Moraira - Info about the Area September 21, 2020


What to Expect             

Sol Park is a great retreat destination within Moraira, which offers tranquillity and a relaxed athmosphere.

The Lifestyle                  

A relaxed and healthy atmoshpere under the Spanish Sun, with all year around services and amenities at your doorstep.


Unexpected Appeal       

An immaculate presented community very well kept and periodically cleaned.


You'll fall in Love with     

Sol park is like a small village within Moraira, with a great mix of nationalities.


The Market                        

One of Moraira's top locations, with high calibre villas, which keep their value.



Services nearby Sol Park

Sol park has a pharmacy (open 09:00 - 19:30 Monday to Friday) and (from 09:00 - 14:00 Saturdays), a bank and a small hotel.

All the named supermarkets such as Carrefour, Mercadona, LIDL, Mas y Mas and Pepe La Sal can be found within 2km from Sol Park.

A local bus stops several times a day, Monday to Friday to take people into the centre of Moraira.

If you prefer a walk - Sol Park is 2.1 kms to Moraira. It will take you around 25 minutes you can walk along the pavement, which is lit up by street lighting at night, passed the vineyards fields to the centre of town and the beaches.

Recently, the Town Hall of Moraira created a 3.5 km cycle path that extends from Sol Park Commercial Centre to the town of Moraira, with a fairly flat profile, offering the possibility of going to Moraira in just under 10 minutes.



Tennis Club at Sol Park

This fabulous Tennis Club has seven artificial grass courts and is floodlit to enable members to play at night.

The Club offer a wide range of activities including individual and group lessons, competitive leagues, club tournaments and "round robins" where members can just turn up and get a game.

The tournaments often end with a lively evening dinner afterward being held in the club house.

Whatever you desire in your game you will be able to find your level here. Whatever age you will always be welcomed to play, join a tema or even create your own team. With the mild climate in Moraira being one of the best in Europe you can play tennis all year around.


The Weather

Location: Sol Park, Moraira, Spain

Coords: 38º 42' 16.9" N 0º 07' 59.3"E

Days of Sunshine: 330 per year

Average Temperature: 18ºC



Sol Park - Statistics

The evolution of the housing market price in Sol Park area of Moraira, during the last 5 years has been stable with a slight increase, as shown in the graph below, making the area of Sol Park one of the best areas to invest in the Costa Blanca.



Properties & Villas for sale in Sol Park Moraira


Brassa Homes® invite you to take a look at our selection of villas for sale in Sol Park Moraira, and we are at your disposal for any further information.

Our portfolio of properties has been previously checked to ensure you a stress-free buying process. Enjoy going through it!


Pla del Mar Moraira - Info about the Area September 07, 2020


What to Expect             

An immaculate presented community with green areas and a great Mediterranean feel.

The Lifestyle                  

Living in Pla del Mar means Moraira and all services and amenities on your doorstep.


Unexpected Appeal       

A quiet and sunny urbanisation on the outskirts of Moraira village and the Yacht Club


You'll fall in Love with     

Its location, the Mediterranean Coastline views and a great mix of nationalities living together.


The Market                        

Pla del Mar has always kept its value and it's one of the most desired areas to live in.


The Moraira Yacht Club was founded in year 1975 as a non-profit sports association with the aim of promoting the practice of nautical-sports activities. Moraira Yacht Club at your doorstep!

One of the exclusive harbours on Costa Blanca and the pioneer in obtaining the Blue Flag of the Clean Seas of Europe, a distinction awarded by the European Foundation for Environment Education to those marinas that stand out for their respect for the environment around them, and meet the highest standards of quality in their port services.

It has 900 members and 740 moorings and has all the accommodations that a harbour should have like 24 h , 365 days a year service, boat ramp, trave-lift, woodworking, stainless steel, mechanics and painting workshops. It also has an accessory shop within its facilities inside the harbour area.

For the entertainment, there are a couple of restaurants and chill-out areas with stunning sea views to Calpe Rock and D'Or Cape at El Portet.

The Yacht Club Organize a wide variety of saling events throughout the year:

- Different coastal races and long distances

- Dinghy sailing competitions

- Rowing, Stand up paddle

- Various competitions for children, from fishing, snorkeling, drawing...

- Fishing competitions in the bay to deep-sea fishing competitions in conjunction with the IEO Spanish Institute of oceanography to mark the Mediterranean Blue fin Tuna, the most valued culinary species in the world.


Reasons why People likes Pla del Mar


Pla del Mar enjoys a South-West facing orientation ensuring plenty of Sunlight hours in the winter time and a lovely breeze from the Mediterranean Sea on the hottest months, thanks to its proximity to the Sea.

Experts from thee World Health Organization declared Moraira has a unique microclimate, as one of the most healthy and favourable in the world.


Pleasants Walks


From Pla del Mar there are several routes to walk along the coast towards El Portet beach along the coastline, or to the Circle Park which is ideal to take a relaxing walk. You should definitely follow the route from this park along the beach and the stairs. Views to the Ifach are incredible!

The Moraira Dog park is also close by and located by the sandy beach at Ampolla. The area is cleaned periodically by Moraira Town Hall.


The Weather


Location: Pla del Mar, Moraira, Spain

Coords: 38º 41'22.9"N 0º 08'24.5"E

Days of Sunshine: 330 per year

Average Temperature: 18ºC


Pla del Mar - Statistics


The evolution of the housing market price in Pla del Mar Moraira, during the last 5 years has been stable with a slight increase, making the area one of the best to invest in on the Costa Blanca and Spain.


Houses for sale in Pla del Mar Moraira


Brassa Homes® invite you to take a look at our selection of villas for sale in Pla del Mar Moraira, and we are at your disposal for any further information.

Our portfolio of properties has been previously checked to ensure you a stress-free buying process. Enjoy going through it!


TOP 10 Reasons why People Love Moraira August 25, 2020


Why is Moraira the best area to Invest or Buy Property on the Costa Blanca North?


Top 10 Reasons why people love to Live in Moraira, Costa Blanca: Quality of Life,  Climate, Cost of Living, Food, a Secure place to Invest on Property and more...


Moving abroad can be exciting but at the same time represents a big change in your life and a bunch of unanswered questions come to your mind.

In this article I point to the “Top 10 Reasons why to buy property in Moraira”.


Do you picture yourself living here?




Most clients I have asked, who invest  or are thinking to buy another property in Moraira and live here, have pointed to the mild climate of Moraira as the no1 reason for living in our beautiful town. 

Experts from the World Health Organization have declared Moraira has having a unique microclimate’ and is one of the most healthy and favourable in the world!

Enjoying an average temperature of 18º and more than 2.800 hours of guaranteed Sunshine a year. - the Sun turns your mood in to a positive one!



The charges of living in Moraira is 18.2% lower than in the UK and main European cities, according to the world’s largest database of information on the cost of living.

The average UK pensioner can enjoy a superb quality of life and live the desired golden retirement you have been dreaming of!

Ask anyone who lives here the difference in reduced expenses and savings that can be made. As an example: 1 kilo of oranges in the UK is priced at approx. £1.11, while here can be found in the streets markets for approx. €0.79.



Relax, we take care of you and yours! Spain and in particular our area offers a great quality of life with low crime rates and non-polluted fresh air. 

We are ranked second as the safest country in the EU.

Moraira public school is open to families of expatriates, and there are two private International Schools nearby.

Regarding the Health System, Moraira has a clinic which serves residents as well as expats. 

The main hospital is located in Denia, only 25 minutes drive. 

Everything at your dispossal to enjoy your investment property in Moraira, Costa Blanca!



Our gastronomy is rich in flavours and internationally recognised as one of the healthiest in the world.

There are many local recipes that will spoil your appetite.   You will be very surprised!

From the popular Paella with all its different varieties it is the very best kept secret of the local inhabitants.  

Fresh fish and seafood recipes that for sure will make you feel special!

Eating out in Moraira is affordable, and big part of our culture. Don’t forget our weather cries out to socialise and share good times with family and friends.



Many of my customers say Moraira is the little Saint-Tropez of the Costa Blanca, that says it all, doesn’t it?

Something we take for granted living in Moraira is that, it is one of the few areas along the Spanish coast, which has been not been spoilt by overbuilding. There are no high buildings in our town. Thank Goodness!.... therefore our residents choose to live in a beautiful small town where they are surrounded by mountains and the sea and Moraira is considered to be ‘The Place to Live’, therefore a safe place to buy your villa to invest.

If you are looking for a typical Spanish resort with Nightlife, then Moraira is not for you. 

Our clients choose Moraira because of its tranquility and our main focus is to keep it that way.



We are very privileged to be working with International clientele.

We have a clientele that know the value of investing their money into property and how hard is to earn that capital. We are very aware of that! We are always looking for our customers to achieve total satisfaction when purchasing a property, making sure they acquire only the very best.

We can not offer everything but, for us ethics come first  If we consider something is not good enough for us then it will not be enough good for you. We couldn’t be more crystal clear. 

Moraira is one of the top areas to invest your capital.  Property here has always held its value due to demand of clientele wanting to live in Moraira. There are so many reason why people want to be here, these are a few of the basics:

-  Well kept and not overdeveloped. Probably one of the most important factors, from my point of view, is that building in Moraira is limited. There is no excess of land for sale, unlike our neighbouring villages, and that’s a key factor when thinking about investment. There is more demand than product…


Moraira has an exclusive status, thanks to the non-aggressive development strategy . Not allowing the building of tall apartment blocks, which attracts a clientele that wants to reside in a peaceful town and that also encourages a different type of tourist wanting a quiet, restful holiday.


Moraira Costa Blanca the best town to invest on the Costa Blanca



Many expat residents keep falling in love with Moraira. The locals are warm, friendly and very welcoming to everyone who comes. Their hospitality, their family appointed culture and easy-going way of living are very attractive to everyone. 



After a nice lunch, what better than a Siesta'.... The siesta is probably one of the most famous aspects of Spanish life. 

There are several good reasons to take a siesta: 

Enjoy a long lunch, avoid mid-day heat and have a healthy afternoon.

The siesta time consists of a short period of time, usually between 15-30 minutes, and experts recommend it as helps with digestion, and will lift your mood!



Let’s face it, we love traditions and fiestas as forms part of our life-style and culture.

Colourful and effervescent, Moraira-Teulada fiestas and traditions are an explosion of happiness.  A great way to meet local people or expats from all countries in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Just to point a few: Probably the most popular amongst the tourists is the “Moors and Christians” in June.

Also the festivities of San Vicent Ferrer Teuladas patron, which takes place in April.

In July The Festivities of the Patron Saints of Moraira Mare de Deu del Desamparats.

The Moscatell Festival is becoming popular and takes place in August in Teulada.

Moscatell is a sweet wine, the grapes for this wine are grown locally.



Many Airlines in the UK and main cities in EU offer direct flights on a daily basis to Alicante and Valencia airports at affordable prices. Some UK flights during the low season can be as little as £ 25pp one way

 A direct flight from London to Alicante airport only takes 2 and a half hours.

 The main route to Moraira is by car, bus or train.  Car hire is available from the airport. Buses are directly from the airport.  For train travel, a local bus to Benidorm then a train.


I trust this blog entry has been a useful resource providing you with an accurate impression about living in Moraira. 

I’m always available for a friendly informal chat to share my living in Moraira experience with you!

Or why not just take a look at our selection of villas availabe to buy in Moraira, Costa Blanca.


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