Best places to live in Spain


Let's compare the best coastal areas and their villages in Spain for year-round living.

We will take into account their population (both in summer and winter), the price of housing, their services, access from the airport, the temperature throughout the year, type of life, and the cost of living in each of the towns.


Marbella, Costa del Sol

Marbella has undoubtedly been the place par excellence for second homes or holiday homes in Southern Spain for many British and Northern European nationals since the 1960s.


  • Population: Marbella currently has a population of almost 148,000 inhabitants, which multiplies by 3 in the summer season

  • Price of housing: According to statistics the average price of property in Marbella is around 3,909 euros per square meter. It is one of the most expensive coastal and tourist towns in Spain to buy a property.

  • Services and leisure: Marbella has all kinds of services. There are also golf courses and yacht clubs, as well as a wide range of leisure activities. During the summer season, but also the rest of the year, Marbella offers activities of all kinds. For more information, we recommend you to visit the official Marbella tourism website.

  • Access from airport: Malaga airport is only 39 kms away. Malaga airport has regular flights to the most important cities in the United Kingdom and Europe.

  • Temperature: The temperature in Marbella is very pleasant with about 17 degrees in winter and an average of 34 degrees in summer. Very pleasant temperature with lots of sunny days, although in summer it can be a bit hot.

  • Type of life: The place par excellence of the rich and famous, Marbella is synonymous with luxury. It is easy to meet celebrities from all corners of the world on the streets and in fashionable places.

  • Cost of living: Marbella is one of the places with the highest per capita income in Spain. Living in Marbella is expensive and only affordable for the deepest pockets

  • Beaches: Marbella has 27 kms of coastline and 24 sandy beaches. Its beaches are one of the main attractions, where you can find beach bars and water activities.


Palma de Mallorca

Another excellent place to spend the summer and also to move to is Palma de Mallorca. The islands have always been the perfect attraction for many English people and people from Northern Europe. Its beaches, temperature and quality of life make Palma de Mallorca the perfect place to live.


  • Population: According to the census, Palma de Mallorca has almost 420,000 year-round inhabitants and receives almost 2 million tourists a year.

  • Price of housing: Although it may depend on the type of property we buy, the average is 3,431 euros per square meter. Prices in Palma tend to remain stable and are little affected by economic crises, due to its high demand.

  • Services and leisure: In Palma de Mallorca you can find all kinds of services and activities for everyone, all year round. It is an ideal place for mountaineering and cycling, as well as scuba diving.

  • Access from airport: Only 8 kms separate the airport from Palma de Mallorca. With good road connections to the coast. Palma airport is well connected with regular flights from all over Europe and the UK.

  • Temperature: Like all coastal towns in the eastern and southern half of Spain, Palma de Mallorca offers a mild climate all year round, with the highest temperature in winter being around 17 degrees Celsius and around 31 degrees in summer. It is worth mentioning the pleasant sea breeze in summer, which helps to cool the atmosphere.

  • Type of life: Palma de Mallorca is a very cosmopolitan place, where you can find all kinds of people. It is an ideal place to live in a relaxed environment and enjoy nature.

  • Cost of living: Living in Palma de Mallorca is not cheap, for example, renting a 3-bedroom flat in the city centre is around 1,300 euros per month. However, the quality of life in this city is undoubtedly good and can be relatively cheap for the average salary of people in Northern Europe and England.

  • Beaches: In Palma de Mallorca, we can find all kinds of beaches, from more urban and sandy beaches to the most secluded and natural coves.


San Antonio, Ibiza

The most popular and well-known place on the island of Ibiza, where the sunsets are spectacular and the party nights are world famous.


  • Population: The year-round population of the coastal town of San Antonio in Ibiza is just over 27,000 people. In the summer season its population can multiply by 4. It is a place of nightlife with large discotheques.

  • Price of housing: San Antonio Ibiza is one of the most expensive coastal towns in Spain, with an average of €4,383 per square metre.

  • Services and leisure: The town of San Antonio offers both residents and visitors all kinds of services and activities throughout the year, but especially during the summer, when discos and pubs compete with each other to fill their premises. It is worth mentioning its Marina, where you can see the exclusive yachts of multimillionaires.

  • Access from airport: Ibiza airport is only 23 kms from San Antonio, with good road access. Ibiza airport also has excellent connections with all the main international airports in the world.

  • Temperature: The temperature in San Antonio is very pleasant all year round, with winter temperatures around 16 degrees Celsius and summer highs of 31 degrees Celsius. The breeze during the summer is particularly pleasant.

  • Type of life: If you're looking for peace and quiet, San Antonio may not be the place for you, but if you're looking for fun and leisure, there's no place like San Antonio.

  • Cost of living: San Antonio is one of the most expensive towns on the Spanish coast, which means that the cost of living is high.

  • Beaches: The beaches and coves of San Antonio are spectacular and varied, from shell-shaped beaches surrounded by nature, to the more urban ones, there are plenty to choose from.


Cambrils, Costa Daurada

The coastal town of Cambrils on the Costa Daurada is one of the gastronomic towns par excellence in the area. Its beaches and promenades are very beautiful.


  • Population: The population of Cambrils is just over 33,000 inhabitants during the year, with over 90,000 inhabitants in summer.

  • Price of housing: The price of property in Cambrils is almost 2.000 Euros per square metre on average.

  • Services and leisure: Cambrils has become a place of residence for many British and people from Northern Europe. And it offers a wide range of services and activities for everyone all year round.

  • Access from airport: The nearest airport is Barcelona airport, and it takes about an hour and ten minutes by car. The roads from the airport to Cambrils are good.

  • Temperature: Temperatures range from a high of 14 degrees Celsius in winter to a high of 29 degrees Celsius in summer.

  • Type of life: The lifestyle is more relaxed during the winter and more bustling in the summer season.

  • Cost of living: The cost of living in Cambrils is average, being much cheaper than for example Marbella or Ibiza.

  • Beaches: The town of Cambrils on the Costa Daurada offers several sandy beaches, with all kinds of services right on the beach.


Moraira, Costa Blanca

Also known as the Saint Tropez of the Costa Blanca, Moraira is an exclusive small coastal town with lots of charm. Where its exclusive luxury villas blend in with the Mediterranean nature.


  • Population: With only 14,000 registered inhabitants, more than half of its residents are of foreign origin (British, German, Dutch and Belgian). Its population in summer is multiplied by a little more than 2, with a total of 33,000 people. No large crowds during the summer.

  • Price of housing: The average in Moraira is 3.465 Euros per square metre, somewhat cheaper than Ibiza, Mallorca or Marbella. The price per square metre of property in Moraira is the highest on the Costa Blanca, and there is a great demand to buy a house in Moraira.

  • Services and leisure: Moraira offers its residents a wide range of cultural and sporting activities throughout the year, not forgetting its beaches.

  • Access from airport: Located in the easternmost part of the country, Moraira can be reached either from Alicante Airport or from Valencia Airport.  By car it takes about an hour and the roads are excellent.

  • Temperature: The temperature in Moraira is very pleasant all year round, with lots of sunny days.  In the cooler months, we can have a maximum of 15 degrees Celsius, while in the hot months it is around 30 degrees Celsius. Thanks to its location, during the summer there is a pleasant breeze coming from the Mediterranean.

  • Type of life: Moraira offers a relaxed, Mediterranean lifestyle.  Moraira is not a resort with crowded discos and pubs, it is rather the opposite, a quiet and family friendly place.

  • Cost of living: The cost of living in Moraira is affordable and considerably cheaper than other places on the Spanish coast

  • Beaches: The beaches and coves of Moraira are of great beauty. We can find for example the beach of El Portet, or hidden coves where the pine trees embrace the Mediterranean Sea.


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