Gas installation certificate in Moraira

We tell you everything you need to know about Gas Installation Certificate in Moraira.


What is the Gas Installation Certificate in Moraira?

It is the document that certifies that the installation complies with safety regulations, is correctly executed and complies with current legislation.

How much does a gas installation certificate in Moraira cost?
The prices of revisions and maintenance are free, so it is recommended to ask for a quote before doing them. The average cost of a domestic gas certificate is 130 euros and can vary between 85 and 180 euros.


When to request a gas installation certificate in Moraira?

The owners or, failing that, the users of the gas installation in Moraira must request the installation certificate:

- Before registering the gas supply.
- When a modification or extension of the installation is carried out.
- Every five years for revision.
- Every time the house is sold, if it does not have a valid gas certificate.


How to get a gas installation certificate in Moraira?

In the case of a new installation, it is likely that the same installation company, at the request of the user, will initiate the certification procedures. If you wish to carry out a modification or extension, you should contact an authorised installer who will carry out the inspection and complete the gas certificate or bulletin. In addition, installations must undergo a periodic inspection every five years.


Who certifies gas installations in Moraira?

Authorised gas installers, inspection and control entities and owners of installations of combustible gases, such as natural gas and LPG gases, are regulated by regulations. It should be noted that the installation and commissioning of gas supply installations can and must only be carried out by authorised gas companies or installers.


Why I need it

When carrying out a new installation or modifying an existing one in Moraira, we must ensure its safety. The certificate allows us to check and accredit that the installation has been carried out in accordance with current regulations and that all the safety tests have been carried out: watertightness, checking of materials, among others. In addition, the document will be required by the gas distribution companies in case of new installations and by the administrations in case of sale of the property in Moraira.




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