Modern Spanish country houses: 8 ideas for blending the traditional and the contemporary

Combining classic and modern in a country house creates a unique aesthetic. In this article we tell you what you need to do to find the perfect mix.

country house with wooden beams and Provencal style dining room.

| 8 ideas that redefine the rural beauty of country houses.

A modern country house doesn't have to be a glass cube with huge windows and rectilinear decoration. Probably, the best country houses (and also the most modern ones) are those that, starting from the respect for the original, know how to give a twist to the traditional aspects of the decoration, such as prints, textiles and other accessories to, finally, incorporate technological elements that improve the functionality of the rooms.


respect the essence of the house

Bedroom with wooden beams and terracotta floor.


Respect the essence of the house

Preserving the essence of a country house, its architectural features, is fundamental. Stone walls, exposed beams and hydraulic or terracotta floors (like the one in the photo) are essential decorative elements in a decoration that combines the best of the classic and the modern. Once the objective of rescuing and highlighting the original has been achieved, it is time to find a way to introduce modern elements.


Romantic rustic style living room

| Rustic style living room in white and wood.


Use colour sparingly

As far as colour is concerned, a modern rustic style gives all the prominence to bright tones because they give a greater sense of spaciousness to the rooms. For wall coverings, white or beige are the best option to create a backdrop that does not steal the limelight from furniture or accessories. For the floor, the best option is a large-format grey porcelain tile or natural wood. As we said, you can add a splash of colour by using tones such as sage green, mint or English green in the furniture, curtains or rugs.


rustic bathroom with stone wall, round washbasin, wooden furniture and golden tap.

rustic bathroom with stone wall, round washbasin, wooden furniture and golden tap.


Update taps and fittings

It may seem trivial at first glance, but doing so will transform the décor of a classic country house. The reason? Sconces and fittings are often among the most old-fashioned, but they are also among those details that immediately catch the eye. You know, to transform the decoration of a country house, and modernise it, replace the handles and fittings on doors, cupboards and taps in the kitchen and bathroom with others in more modern finishes, such as matte black, stainless steel or brass, which combine with natural materials such as wood, stone or granite.


rustic bedroom with wooden sliding door

rustic bedroom with wooden sliding door


Fit a barn-style door

Change the access door to the day area, or the kitchen door, for a sliding barn door. Barn doors have been appearing in home décor for the past five years. In general, they are a way of adding a rustic note to a contemporary interior, but if you play with colour, they can also work to add a contemporary note to a country house.

A barn door adds a focal point to the décor. Choose very simple handles to transform the look. Finally, make sure you have enough space to open it all the way.


This house retains its rustic character but has been adapted to modern living.

This house retains its rustic character but has been adapted to modern living.


Integrate technology

Incorporating technology into the design of a country house is the best idea for combining functionality and comfort. Programmable thermostats and lighting, among other things, will transform the cottage living experience. It may not be an aspect directly related to the decoration, but it does have to do with how you are going to enjoy the space. As far as possible, integrate all the elements so that they go unnoticed to the eye.


Modern botanical wallpaper.

Modern botanical wallpaper.


Large prints are best

Yes, in a modern rustic style there is room for prints, but avoid small. We mean that those botanical motifs of little flowers, tiny branches or narrow stripes have no place in a more modern rustic decoration. In short: large stripes, large pictures and large floral motifs on wallpaper, but also on the upholstery of cushions, pillows and sofas fit perfectly into a modern country house.


Rustic kitchen with a set of leather stools with metal chain legs.

| Rustic kitchen with a set of leather stools with metal chain legs.


Add an industrial touch with chairs or stools

See what you think of these three ideas. In the dining room, go for a versatile classic, such as the Tolix chair, which has a modern, industrial feel that will work well with a rustic-style table. If you have a kitchen island, or a bar, add a contemporary touch to the décor with some round-seated, height-adjustable stools, you know... like those in American diners. Finally, in the bedroom, you can add a contrasting note with an original footboard, upholstered, for example, in bouclé.


The renovated living room maintains its original essence

| The renovated living room maintains its original essence


Enhance contrasts with original light fixtures

On a rustic table, hang a large-format or unusual lamp.

For more ideas, a neon light on a wall will also add a nice contrasting note. In general, playing with lighting is a good idea for contrast. In the kitchen or dining room of a country house, track lighting adds a modern touch. For the living room, classics work well.


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