The Duties of Notaries and the rights of Citizens in Spain


The Notaries located in Spain employ very qualified jurists and experienced civil servants. Their primary job is to offer the citizens security when it comes to legal aspects. So, if anybody is looking for legal advice then they should consult with the notary in Spain. If you happen to sign any public deed with a notary, then you are given privileges that fall within the framework of the legal system in Spain. This will make sure that the deed is carried out without any change.



Rights That You are Entitled To As A Citizen Of Spain:


• You are granted the right to inform the Association related to the Notary if you face any conflict. These associations have the right and jurisdiction to take any corrective measures as and when required by imposing notarial regulations and laws.


• Any Citizen of Spain has the right to have his or her notarial documents placed in safe custody at the notary office for a period of 25 years. From there the documents will be archived.


• You can also demand complete confidentiality of your personal data. This will cause the notary to initiate protocol to give you complete secrecy. The notary will also not utilize any of your personal information.


• You have the right to request for a written invoice for the services provided by the notary, you can also question all the costs involved in the invoice.


• You will be given the chance to review a draft of the deed before you sign it, but you have to do this within three days before you sign the documents.


• You can ask for personalized action provided you have dedication, resources and the required time.


• You can ask the notary to keep you informed about any agreements that will be executed so that the other party involved can also come up with a suitable solution.


• You have the right to get the notary chosen by you to represent you in any public function in the state. They have to provide you with services mentioned in the law


• You are given the legal right to work with any notary in Spain


Once you are ware if your legal rights it will be easier for you to interact with the professionals at the notary without getting into any conflicts.


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