Top 10 Advantages of living in a country house

People who live in country houses have a healthier lifestyle. The design of the house and its surrounding environment are keys to its healthfulness.

In the following we describe, in our opinion, the most important advantages of living in the countryside:


1 - Peace and tranquility

Are you one of those people looking for peace of mind?  Living in the countryside provides this peace and relaxation.

Living in the rural area of Moraira means having all the services, as well as the beaches only 15 minutes away by car.

The countryside of Moraira and Benissa has it all, thanks to its proximity to the coastal area, where there are all kinds of leisure activities. Enjoy during the day at the sea and relax during the evening enjoying a beautiful sunset from your country house.

Imagine getting up in the morning and enjoying the sunrise and listening to everything waking up. Nature and its inhabitants start a new day!


2 - Privacy

As a general rule, except for fincas and country houses that were built before the year 2000, all country houses have to have a minimum plot size of 10,000 square meters, which means that your house will enjoy a high degree of privacy.

Forget about those prying windows of adjoining neighbors. You won't feel watched here.


3 - Rural environment

Unlike the coast, where everything is more crowded, rural areas have something different to offer, such as tranquility, space to grow vegetables or to keep horses. 

The advantage of living in a rural environment is that you will be able to live a traditional and simple life with your family members. You will be able to enjoy outdoor activities such as going for picnics, fishing, camping, hunting and many other outdoor activities.

4 - Inspiring views

The countryside and its views change with the seasons. In summer, for example, everything is greener, and in autumn the leaves change to reds, yellows and other colors. In spring, an explosion of color, thanks to the abundance of blue, purple, white, yellow wildflowers…


5 - A different way of living

Sitting on the Naya (covered terrace) or in the garden of your country house, under a tree, on a summer evening, is priceless. Feeling the breeze with your family and friends, an unforgettable experience.

Enjoy those spring mornings, take the table out into the garden, put on some music and enjoy a good meal!


6 - Getting to know the real Spanish life

Mingle with the locals, they are sure to offer you a taste of their organic vegetables, as well as their traditional homemade dishes, or their own organic wine. These are the little hidden pleasures.

If you have the chance, try the "cocas" or "empanadillas" as well as "el puchero", a stew of rice. 

The vast majority of rural areas have their local festivals, where the locals get together to enjoy themselves. I'm sure you can be part of it if you wish.

Do you dare with agriculture or winemaking? Living in the countryside means having land to cultivate, if you wish. There are effective and inexpensive ways to enter the world of winegrowing. Local farmers will be happy to work your vineyard land in exchange for some of the fruit. Once the fruit is harvested, you can enjoy watching the process of making artisanal, organic wine. A unique experience!

7 - Being part of Nature

Living in the countryside gives you the chance to integrate with nature, to observe it and to be part of it.  Take long walks along the trails and discover areas of authentic scenic beauty or go for a walk with your horse or dog in the countryside, disconnect from everything and connect with yourself.


8 - Air quality

We generally live in pollution-laden environments. Disconnect from the noise and annoying smoke of cars. Breathe fresh air.

Fresh air is one of the main factors that support life. Fresh air is the key to a happy and healthy life. It improves the lung function, gives an overall feeling of well-being, helps us sleep better and gives us more energy. Fresh air also decreases stress levels and protects you against heart disease and chronic bronchitis.

9 - A rising value

Especially after the pandemic, there has been an increase in applications to buy a country house and it is no longer so difficult to sell such properties. The concept and the way people think and their needs have changed, and this is where country houses come into the picture.


10 - Provide your pets with the living space they need

We are all animal lovers, some love dogs, others cats, or horses, or why not also chickens.

Our animals need space to run and jump, as well as to experience smells, living in a country house will make your pet happier.

Without a doubt, an animal is much happier in the countryside. 

From Brassa Homes®, we hope this guide has been useful to you, and we are at your disposal for any further information you may need about the rural areas of Moraira and Benissa.


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