7 things to think about when choosing a building plot for your home in Spain.

Sometimes finding the perfect home can seem like a challenge. If you choose to build rather than buy, you have the freedom to create the property of your dreams, but choosing the wrong plot could restrict your final build. However, choosing the wrong plot could restrict your final build. What should you consider?


1. Location, location, location

Rather than trying to look at all the available plots in a wide area, it is easier to focus your search from the beginning. Then you can see what is available there and narrow your choices accordingly. After all, it is better to know right away if you need to modify your plans.

Wherever you decide to look, it will probably depend on the infrastructure in some way. This might mean checking that access routes are good enough to facilitate construction work, looking at the availability of internet, or considering the cost of transporting materials.

If you are looking in the rural area, it is also a good idea to check if there are current plans to develop the surrounding area. Otherwise, a small isolated oasis could quickly become a hiding place.


2. Thinking about the soil

Does the type of soil on the site match your plans? Will it allow you to dig as far as you want, for example?

Getting a ground survey can help you identify potential problems so you can better understand what you are building on. You can also get an idea of the soil by looking at the vegetation that is currently there.

Another important issue is whether the land slopes. If so, consider any additional costs this may add to the project.


3. Planning permission

Before deciding on a plot, you will need to find out what you are allowed to build there. In Mallorca, for example, you will need to check that the plot is not zoned as agricultural land. You can investigate whether there are restrictions or whether planning permission already exists.


4. Immediate and general costs

As with buying a house, you do not want to pay more than expected for your plot of land. Doing market research and keeping informed about the latest prices for the type of plot you are looking for will help ensure that an offer is not too good to be true.

Also, being clear about your budget from the beginning will help you stay on track.


5. Orientation - What are you looking for?

Take a close look at the frame. Its shape, size and orientation can affect its construction. For example, a long, thin plot could restrict the size of your home, while its orientation could affect how and when you get the sun or whether you can make the most of excellent views.


6. What your property will be used for

The area in which your plot is located and its size should work for your particular property. For example, if you plan to obtain a holiday rental licence and let your property to holidaymakers in Mallorca, you need to be sure that the property will attract visitors.

Is it close to local amenities, how long does it take to get there from the airport, and does it have any special features such as sea or mountain views?

Similarly, outdoor space is important, consider whether the plot is large enough to accommodate everything you want. Would you be willing to compromise on landscaped gardens for the only plot in your dream area?


7. Have the right team in place

Finding the right plot for your property is essential. It is also essential to make sure you have the right equipment to build it. 
At Brassa Homes we can help you create your dream home. We offer architecture, interior design, project management, landscaping services and we also work with local construction companies.

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