How to create a space for teleworking from a cottage


Teleworking is no longer a fashion, but a way of life. This modality is here to stay and has allowed many citizens to change city and/or move to a different type of property. From a 2-bedroom flat in a big city to a country house or a country estate.

Teleworking has transformed the way of life of thousands of people. Their daily life, environment and residence. A country house is ideal for all those who no longer go to the office and are looking for the perfect balance between nature and the working environment.

Choosing the right place in a cottage for teleworking is crucial to ensure a productive and comfortable environment. It is essential to choose a space where you feel comfortable and focused.


How to choose the location in the cottage from which to telework?

Choosing the right location in a cottage to telework from is crucial to ensure a productive and comfortable environment. It is essential to choose a space where you feel comfortable and focused.

  • Separate space. Look for a place that can be dedicated exclusively to work, avoiding distractions and encouraging concentration. Ideally, it will be a room or corner away from the rest of your daily activities.
  • Natural light. Prioritise a space or room with good natural light. Daylight helps maintain energy and productivity, as well as creating a pleasant atmosphere.
  • Ventilation. To keep the air fresh and healthy while you work.
  • Internet connection. Check that there is a stable and fast internet connection in the area you choose to telework. Good connectivity is essential for online tasks.
  • Privacy. Find an area of the cottage where you can work without being constantly interrupted.
  • Away from noise. Avoid locations close to sources of noise, such as areas with traffic, machinery or busy areas, to maintain concentration.
  • Inspiring. Consider an environment that inspires and motivates you to work. This could be views of the countryside, gardens or natural elements that connect you with nature.
  • Flexibility. If possible, find a space that allows you to adapt it to suit your needs. You can add shelves, whiteboards or other elements to the space.


Essential furniture for teleworking from a country house

The key to teleworking is to create an environment that allows you to maximise your working hours, from the comfort of a cottage. The space should be customised according to your needs and preferences. It should have adequate furniture that provides comfort and facilitates daily tasks. In addition, it should create a functional and productive space.

For teleworking it is essential:

  • A large and sturdy desk is essential to place your computer, monitor, keyboard and other elements necessary to work.
  • Invest in a comfortable, adjustable chair that supports your back and promotes good posture during long hours of work.
  • Storage spaces are essential to keep your documents and work materials organised and within reach.
  • Mouse pad and wrist rest to help reduce wrist strain and improve the mousing experience.
  • Make sure you have a desk lamp that provides sufficient light and prevents eyestrain.
  • If your chosen location does not have a stable internet connection, consider a repeater or signal extender to ensure good connectivity.
  • A place to dispose of paper and waste is essential to maintain order and cleanliness.
  • A cork board or magnetic board will allow you to keep reminders, schedules and important notes in sight.
  • If your desk doesn't have built-in drawers, a drawer or file cabinet will be useful for storing documents and supplies.
  • Add decorative and personal elements that inspire you and make you feel at ease in your workspace.


Ideas for creating the perfect space for teleworking from a country house

Versatile spaces allow you to achieve a balance between work life and personal wellbeing while being immersed in nature. They are the key to maximising the potential of a cottage for teleworking. To create your perfect space, we advise you:

  • Outdoor office. Take advantage of the beauty of the natural environment to design an outdoor office. You can set up a weatherproof desk and comfortable chair under a porch, pergola or in a shady corner of the garden. Working surrounded by nature reduces stress.
  • Study with a view. Design a bright studio with large windows offering panoramic views of the countryside or plot.
  • Reading and working space. Create a cosy corner with a comfortable armchair and a small table that you can use for both reading and working on your laptop. Add shelves nearby to store your books and documents.
  • Outdoor meeting area. For video conferences and virtual meetings, you can create an outdoor space with good lighting and an attractive backdrop. Use an awning or canopy to protect you from direct sunlight and add a table and chairs to conduct your meetings in style.
  • Convertible desk. Opt for a desk that can be easily folded or stored away when you're not using it. This way, you can free up space when you need to use the room for other purposes, such as a guest bedroom or playroom.
  • Relax-productivity zone. Combine relaxation and productivity elements in one space. Place a hammock or comfortable sofa next to a small table to work on your laptop. This approach will allow you to take short breaks while remaining productive.
  • Multi-purpose spaces. Take advantage of underused rooms, such as an attic, garage or barn, and turn them into multifunctional spaces. You can create an office, study or meeting room in these renovated areas.
  • Exercise and work area. Combine your workspace with an exercise area to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Add a yoga mat, an exercise ball or a small exercise bike for short physical activity sessions during your work breaks.


9 advantages of teleworking from a cottage

Teleworking has gained popularity in recent times, and working from a cottage offers numerous advantages and benefits that contribute to a more satisfying and balanced work experience.

Teleworking from a cottage offers a number of advantages and benefits that go beyond convenience and flexibility. Such as:

1. Environment. A cottage provides an environment surrounded by nature and tranquillity, which can improve focus, concentration and creativity during work.

2. Flexibility of schedule. Teleworking from a cottage provides the possibility to set a more flexible schedule. Workers can adapt their working hours according to their preferences and needs, which facilitates work-life balance.

3. Less commuting. By eliminating the need to commute to the workplace, employees save time and money on commuting. This also contributes to reducing the environmental impact by reducing the use of vehicles.

4. Increased productivity. The peace and quiet and lack of distractions of an urban environment can improve productivity. In addition, having a personalised workspace at home allows the environment to be organised efficiently.

5. Comfort and customisation. Teleworking in a country house offers the possibility of creating an open-air, fully personalised workspace.

6. Multifunctional spaces. In a cottage, it is more likely to find additional spaces that can serve as multifunctional work areas, such as terraces or gardens.

7. Well-being and connection to nature. Working from a cottage can have a positive impact on the emotional and mental well-being of workers. The connection with nature and the relaxed atmosphere can reduce stress and improve mood.

8. Increased space and privacy. A cottage often offers more space and privacy compared to an urban environment.

9. Sport. Telecommuting from a country house gives the possibility to do outdoor activities such as walking, hiking or yoga.


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