Moraira Property Purchase Negotiation

Once you find your dream house, you need to make an offer to present the owner.  Generally, this negotiation process is quite delicate, as both parties have different objectives. It is a pure negotiation process, put your trust on your real estate consultant.

Note that the starting price is the amount the seller would like to receive, but not necessarily the price for which they are willing to sell. For that reason, before submitting a firm offer, find out the real value of the house, and compare to similar properties sold in the area. Here your trusted real estate consultant can be of great help.

Negotiation Techniques :

- When negotiating let irrational feelings at home.

- Your first offer should be lower than your maximum limit. Once the offer is passed, the seller should not take more than three days to respond.

- If you plan to pay cash or have already pre-approved mortgage , use this strong position as a negotiating tool.

- Be patient, most agreements are reached after several offers and counter - offers.

Negotiating is not impossible if you have the right information and years of experience, here is where Brassa Homes can be your best friend and help you get the desired price.

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