Tips when selling your Moraira Property

See some useful tips below for a more effective sale:

-  The first impression is the one that counts, so invest a little time and money to decorate and present your property. You may even get more money for it this way.

-  Let the natural light in by opening curtains and windows, making sure the windows are always clean, especially during the summer months, when the Sun goes in through the window, and it is easy to see whether the windows are clean or dirty.

-  The minor details also count. Check for small deffects on doors, door handles, drawers, etc and hide them or repair them. That way, the potential buyer will get a better impression of the house and of us.

-  Show the property as clean as possible, free from excess furniture and ornaments, which may distort the space available.

-  Make any storage space stand out by tidying up and leaving as much space as possible in wardrobes, storage rooms, attics, etc.

-  Make sure the kitchen and bathrooms are always sparkling clean and especially tidy.

-  You must present the garden and terrace in the best possible way, as they are one of the best selling points of your property when it comes to selling it. They must be well-kept and tidy during the selling period. This means, you must dedicate time to them at the beginning and maintain them weekly.

-  If you have a pet, try not to have it inside the house when the potential buyer comes to view the property.

-  Try to air the house properly before the visit so that there are no smells. If you are going to use air fresheners, it is always best to use a neutral one.

-  Important: If you have air conditioning or heating (depending on the time of year), make sure that you turn  it on, so that there is a nice temperature inside the house. Be careful not to make it too hot or cold, as the aim is for the buyer to feel nice and comfortable and stay in your house as long as possible.

-  Stay in the background and let the estate agent do his job. He knows what the client is looking for and can bring out the best qualities of your house.

-  Silence is golden. While the estate agent is showing your property, turn the volumen down and / or turn off any radios or televisions.

-  Avoid crowds of people during the visit to your house, this could incommodate the buyer.

-  Be kind and polite, and do not try to force out a conversation with the clients. If there are any questions, the estate agent will ask the question.

-  Allow the estate agent to do his job, and to negociate with the client about the price, conditions, deadlines, etc.

-  Prior appointment to view your property - the estate agent will give you enough notice to enable you to have enough time to present your house properly.

When your house is up for sale, the most important thing is to turn your home into a desirable product. This means creating the image of a lifestyle which should appeal to a lot of people.

All the above points can make a difference between selling and not selling.

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