Land near the sea in Spain Why is it a good investment?

Investing in a plot of land near the sea is a good idea as Spain is a major tourist destination. The climate and thousands of kilometres of beaches are its main attractions, attracting hundreds of travellers from all over the world. Thanks to the type of climate, there is a high population density almost all year round in the Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands and the provinces bordering the Mediterranean Sea. As a result, there is a high demand for properties in the coastal area. In general, the purchase of residential properties for holiday use is predominant. However, acquiring a plot of land has become a very interesting opportunity, whether for medical or economic benefits.

Spain's extensive coastline is attracting more and more national and international investors, who aim to obtain good yields, given the current economic scenario of low interest rates. It should be noted that land yields vary depending on where it is located.


Advantages of acquiring land near the beach

Unique value

A property located near the coast becomes an exceptional asset, for different reasons related to health, economy or even leisure. There is nothing like enjoying the sea and its views.

High profitability

Buying a plot of land on the coast can be very profitable, as it revalues in a short period of time. The urbanisation of the surroundings and its location are the main reasons why its value increases. In fact, several studies state that, if the land is located in a good area, the investment rate can increase between 12% and 20%.


Its price does not fluctuate to a great extent, as is the case with housing. Furthermore, its market is the least volatile and the safest, as it offers greater control due to being a tangible asset.


Sea views in Spain


Increased long-term security and profitability

It is a fact that the benefit of investing in land increases after five years. It may seem like a long waiting period, but the return is more attractive after this time phase. This is largely because the maintenance costs are lower than those of a house.

Low cost

As a general rule, it is cheaper to buy a plot of land or a finca than a house. In many cases, only a minimum amount of capital is needed. Therefore, it is not necessary to resort to financial institutions for a loan. Moreover, in recent years, banks are showing a downward trend in their fees.

The option of renting, another alternative to obtain benefits

Leasing is another way to guarantee the return of the money invested in the property. Moreover, it is very common in the coastal area, especially during the holiday season, when demand increases.

Tranquillity and comfort to enjoy your retirement or holiday period

Spanish beaches are the place of choice for many tourists and retired people. Savings compared to the big cities and the price of coastal homes are the main reason why many people decide to buy a plot of land near the sea. The climate, the scenic value and the gastronomy also encourage this choice.

They are synonymous with nature, tranquillity, comfort and quality of life. It is therefore the perfect solution for those who are looking to escape from large towns and cities in order to achieve greater well-being.

Land, a product that has an end

Owning land means owning a limited commodity. And the fact is that demand grows over the years, which causes prices to be higher and higher. Therefore, it becomes a unique asset, which over time will increase in value due to scarce availability.

Minimal concern for wear and tear

A plot of land or a finca has less wear and tear than a house. Therefore, the concern for maintenance work is minimal, which is carried out in less time and at a lower cost.


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