Properties and land valuations in rustic areas of Moraira and Benissa

Valuation of rustic land and property in Moraira and Benissa


Every single property has a definite value. This property is usually expropriated, rented, sold or bought. To find out its true value, the property has to be valued first. So, what is a valuation? It is a formal report that states its official value on that current date. Properties located in Benissa and Moraira are valued taking into various factors.


Planning Regulations

The municipalities and Autonomous Communities in collaboration with the state put forward their valuation of the land.


Surface Area

Property size plays a big part in determining the price.


The Kind Of Land

The price of a flat is much better than a steep one.



Properties in certain areas tend to cost more than in other areas. If we consider dry lands they tend to be much cheaper. However, land close to a town or tourist spots costs more.


How Is Rural Land Valued?

The process is initiated by scheduling a meeting with an expert who deals in appraisals. The entire study will be conducted by an experienced agricultural engineer. The whole process is complex and it takes time.

An expert will apply one of the methods to value the land, which will depend on the uses and characteristics of the land. After the study has been carried out then a final report will be presented to you.



The Different Methods Used To Value Land

There are many methods used to value land in Benissa and Moraira. Here are a few of them.


Residual Technique

This method does not take variables into considerations as the land is not utilized for short term purposes.


Capitalization Of Rent Technique

Under this technique the value of the property is determined after calculating the income. If the property is being utilized for some activity that is generating some income, that needs to be counted too.


The Comparison Technique

This technique is used very widely as it is the easiest. Here a property’s value is determined by comparing the prices of similar properties in the locality. 


Other Techniques

There are other techniques that are used for farms and land with certain situations such as agricultural industries, agricultural infrastructures, and ornamental trees
An experienced professional will know which technique to use to get correct results.

If you want your land in Moraira and Benissa to get valued then get in touch with Brassa Homes®


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