The Cadastre launches a mobile application that allows citizens to consult the value of their land and receive notifications

"The system, for personal use only, facilitates the management of the real estate and land you own"


Filing your tax return, paying taxes or fines. To the list of procedures that citizens can already carry out online with the Administration, we can now also consult the value of the properties and land that we own, as well as update their information with photos or sketches and receive notices from the Cadastre. The Ministries of Finance and Digital Transformation have just launched a mobile application of the Cadastre that allows access to all the information on the properties and estates that we own at the click of a button.

This has been communicated this Monday by both departments in a note, in which they explain that the application, called 'Catastro_app', is already available for free in the official mobile application shops for Android and IOS devices. More info and app download:

This new system, for personal use only, allows you to gather and personalise information on all your urban and rural properties on each mobile device, as you can add photographs, sketches or annotations, as the Administration points out, recalling that to access the application you must first identify yourself through the various established systems such as Cl@ve PIN, Cl@ve permanent, electronic certificate or, if you do not have electronic credentials, by entering your DNI or NIE and the cadastral reference of the property of which you are the owner or, failing that, by requesting registration in cl@ve.


What services does the application offer? 

There are four: cadastral notices, GPS location, property visualisation and land value.

The first of these provides instant information on any changes that may affect the properties owned by the citizen. In fact, the mobile application will notify the owner if any cadastral procedure is being processed that affects his property, so that he can provide the requested information, make allegations or download pending notifications.


Geolocation and data aggregation

In the same way, the application makes it possible to locate plots on the mobile device and situate them on the territory through their geolocation and to save additional information such as photographs, sketches and annotations. It also has a tool that allows the plots to be drawn. This information can be downloaded as PDF files to the mobile device and is for personal use only.

Another of the options offered is to be able to see the properties added from the mobile phone. This allows instant access to their cadastral description and to view them on detailed interactive maps.

Likewise, the owner will be able to consult the land value of the most representative crops or uses in each area. Thus, by selecting "View land value" on the map and then clicking on any point on the map, the application will display the average value modules (in euros per hectare) of the representative rustic real estate products (crops and uses) of the selected location, as defined by the General Directorate of Cadastre.

The Executive highlights that the Cadastre "takes another step forward in its digital deployment" through a new tool, which it describes as "agile and easy to access".

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