What is the cadastral reference number?


The cadastral reference is the official and obligatory identifier of real estate. It consists of an alphanumeric code that is assigned by the Cadastre so that every property must have a unique cadastral reference that allows to locate it unequivocally in the cadastral cartography.

It is composed of twenty characters. We can find these examples of cadastral reference structure:


Example 1: 9872023 VH5797S 0001 WX

In this case, of the twenty characters, the first seven identify the property or parcel, the next seven indicate the map sheet where it is located, the next four identify the property within the property and, finally, the last two are control characters that allow us to know if the previous eighteen are correct, preventing (or detecting) recording errors.



Example with urban cadastral reference breakdown

9872023 VH5797S 0001 WX

Finca or Parcel: 9872023
Plan sheet: VH5797S
Property ID: 0001
Control characters: WX


Example 2: 13 077 A 018 00039 0000 FP

In this case the twenty characters correspond to the following: the first two identify the province, the next three identify the municipality, the next character is the sector character, which indicates the aggregate or land consolidation area (if applicable), the next three identify the polygon (the municipal area is divided into polygons according to the homogeneity of crops, the existence of geographical features, etc.), the next five identify each of the five polygons (the municipal area is divided into polygons according to the homogeneity of crops, the existence of geographical features, etc.), the next five characters identify each of the polygons (the municipal area is divided into polygons according to the homogeneity of crops, the existence of geographical features, etc.). ), the next five characters identify each parcel within the corresponding polygon, the next four characters allow to detect or identify the existing properties within the parcel and, finally, the last two are control characters which fulfil the same purpose as the previous case.



Example with breakdown of the rustic cadastral reference

13 077 TO 018 00039 0000 FP

Province: 13
Municipality: 077
Sector: A
Polygon: 018
Plot: 00039
Property ID: 0000
Control characters: FP


What is it used for?

The cadastral reference enables the location of real estate on the cadastral map. Thanks to the cadastral reference, it is possible to know exactly which real estate is involved in legal transactions (purchase and sale, inheritance, donations, etc.), so that there is no confusion between one property and another.

Through the cadastral reference, greater legal certainty is provided to persons entering into contracts relating to real estate, constituting an effective tool in the fight against fraud in the real estate sector.

Furthermore, when the interested parties provide the cadastral reference of the property, they are released from the obligation to make the corresponding declaration to the Cadastre as a consequence of the acquisition or consolidation of the total ownership of said property, provided that it has been formalised in a public deed or its registration in the Land Registry is requested within a period of two months from the date of transfer.

Likewise, the recording of the cadastral reference in the Land Registry facilitates the physical identification of the property with regard to third parties, thus improving the speed and security of real estate transactions.



Compulsory documentary and registry record of the cadastral reference. In which cases is it obligatory?


The Texto Refundido de la Ley del Catastro Inmobiliario establishes that the cadastral reference must appear in all documents that reflect relations of an economic nature or with tax transcendence linked to the property.


Specifically, it must be included in the following documents relating to real estate:

- Public instruments, injunctions and judicial resolutions.
- Administrative files and resolutions.
- Documents containing facts, acts or businesses of real importance relating to ownership and other rights in rem.
- Contracts for the lease of immovable property or for the transfer by any title of the use of the property.
- Contracts for the supply of electricity.
- Documents in which any physical, legal or economic alteration of the real estate is evidenced (tax declarations, technical projects, certificates of completion of works, etc.).
- Private documents relating to immovable property.
- The cadastral reference must also be recorded in the Land Register.

It is not obligatory in the following cases:

- Documents recording cancellations of real security rights, such as mortgages.
- Administrative acts adopting or cancelling measures to ensure the collection of public law debts, such as taxes.
- Proceedings for deferment or payment in instalments of tax payments.
- Tax verification, investigation and liquidation procedures.
- Entries to be made in the Property Register in compliance with and execution of a judicial or administrative decision issued in enforcement proceedings.


Obliged to provide the cadastral reference number

Those obliged to provide the cadastral reference are the following:

- Before the judicial or administrative authority competent to instruct or resolve a procedure affecting immovable property, the holders of rights in rem or with real transcendence over the aforementioned immovable property.
- Before Notaries, any of the applicants or grantors of the notarial deed in which the fact, act or business constituted on a property is recorded. For example, both the seller and the buyer are obliged to register a sale or purchase.
- Before the Land Registry Office, those who request the making of a registration entry relating to immovable property.
- With the electricity supply companies, whoever contracts for the supply of electricity.
- In private documents, the contracting parties.
- In the event that several parties are obliged to provide the cadastral reference, it will be sufficient for any one of them to do so, the others being exempted from this obligation.

If the judicial or administrative authority or the notary or registrar obtains the electronic cadastral certificate directly, the interested party is not obliged to submit it.

Deadline for submission

The cadastral reference of the real estate must be provided to the judicial or administrative authority within 10 days of the date on which the corresponding request is made; to the notary, prior to the authorisation of the document; and to the land registrar, during the period in which the document is being issued. In all other cases, the cadastral reference must be provided when the document is issued or the contract is signed.

When the properties lack a cadastral reference at the time when it must be provided, in accordance with the provisions of the previous paragraph, the obligated parties referred to in article 40 of the Law on Real Estate Cadastre must notify the judicial or administrative authority in question, or the corresponding electricity supply company, within one month of being notified.


What happens if the cadastral reference is not provided?

Non-compliance with the obligation to provide the cadastral reference is classified as a simple tax infringement and may be sanctioned, following the processing of the corresponding disciplinary proceedings, with a fine of between €60 and €6,000.

However, in the event that it is accredited that it is not possible to provide the cadastral reference because it is pending communication by the Cadastre, the interested parties are released from this responsibility.

Failure to provide the cadastral reference:

- It will not suspend the processing of the procedure or prevent its resolution.
- It will not prevent the notaries from authorising the document, nor will it affect its effectiveness or that of the fact, act or business it contains.
- It shall not prevent the making of the corresponding entries in the Land Register.

All of the above without prejudice to what is specially regulated for specific cases in which the provision of certain cadastral documentation is required as a requisite for continuing the procedure or to what is legally established in the event that the resolution is inscribable in the Land Register.


Documents accrediting the cadastral reference number

- Electronic Cadastral Certification obtained by telematic procedures through the Electronic Headquarters of the Cadastre: Procedures before the Cadastre.
- Certificate of the Cadastre issued by its Directorates.
- Last receipt justifying payment of the Real Estate Tax.
- Certificate issued by the Town Hall, if applicable.
- Public deeds stating the cadastral reference or information from the Land Registry when this reference is registered.

You can know the cadastral reference through the Electronic Headquarters of the Cadastre: Searcher of properties, or through:

Cadastral Information Points
Cadastre Offices


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