Moraira - Costa Blanca

Enjoy Moraira!

The most exclusive coastal village on the Costa Blanca


The small coastal town of Moraira is located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, enjoys a mild climate during the winter and over 325 days of guaranteed sunshine.

Once a fishing village and part of the Calpe Castle district, Moraira is today one of the most exclusive tourist destinations not only on the Costa Blanca, but also in Spain.

The population of Moraira Costa Blanca, triples during the summer months and the Easter holidays. Currently Moraira has a total of around 1.600 residents living all year round. It is a cosmopolitan place where the majority of its inhabitants are Spanish, British, German, Dutch, French and Belgian, amongst other nationalities.


 Moraira Beaches


Our beaches, spread along the 8 km of coast (it is by far not the town on the Costa Blanca with the most kms of beaches, but its small beaches and coves are undoubtedly special), are awarded with the Blue Flag by the European Union and also granted the Certificate of Quality Systems ISO 9001 and Environmental Management ISO 140001, for their extreme cleanliness, unbeatable water quality and the various convenient services and activities available.

We begin our journey at Cap d’Or which guards the inlet and El Portet Beach, with its fine sands and crystal clear waters. Being small with its shell shape it is a magnificent place for a quiet swim or for following one of the underwater routes.


Platjetes Beach in Moraira


To the north you’ll find the Cala Llebeig, which is only accessible for the sea or along a local pathway (SL-CV 50). Ideal for fishing and diving toward Moraira and near the entrance to the Yacht Club we come across the isolated Portitxol Cove, perfect for diving and fishing.

At the foot of the “Castillo” we find L’Ampolla Beach, the most central and largest of the town’s beaches with it’s fine golden sand. This beach is certified with the Q for Turistic Quality (UNE-ISO 13009). Accessible beach. 

Continuing south we find Les Platjetes, two small coves of clear water that combine sandy and rocky areas with an attractive promenade-viewpoint with gardens and car park.
Continuing out route we find impressive cliffs and
L’Andrago Cove. The rocks and the depth of its transparent waters are ideal for diving and fishing. An attractive viewpoint dominates the cove offering one of the most photographed views of the coast.

The coast continues being rugged, reaching its highest point at Punta Estrella so called due to its shape resembling the arm of a starfish. On the other side we find Cap Blanc Cove. Without doubt it’s the least known but it is well worth a visit. The access from the Moraira-Calpe road is good but you should park and continue on foot to the point.


 Sports and Nautical Leisure in Moraira


Diving, sailing, boat tours, outings in Kayak, Jet skis, exciting activities as Flyboard, wakeboard, as well as fishing. You can also play tennis, golf or go karts racing…

Children can play in large playground and at the funfair in Moraira. Moreover, you can enjoy a picnic day with your family off at the recreational area of “La Font Santa”.

As well as…. Street market in Moraira parking every Friday & Night-Life: Terraces by the sea, various pubs, disco-pubs and bars.


 Moraira Weather


The Mediterranean climate that Moraira enjoys is undoubtedly one of its greatest attractions. Our town enjoys more than 300 days of sunshine a year. With mild winters and temperatures of around 18 degrees, and hotter summers, the climate of Moraira and the whole of the Costa Blanca is fabulous, being one of the best micro-climates in the world.


 Moraira Gastronomy


The quality of Moraira - Costa Blanca gastronomy is presented in a huge variety of restaurants of very high quality of food, in which you can enjoy exquisite meals that fuse modern traditional cuisine with the best international dishes.

Fish only caught by traditional methods, offers a great variety of traditional dishes.


Moraira Gastronomy


Rice is the star of our cuisine, with delicious dishes such as “arrós a banda” (fish rice) “arrós amb fessols i naps” (beans and turnip), “paella amb sardines i espinacs” (spinach and sardines) or black rice.

Traditional cakes as “Coca María” with almonds, “pastissets de moniato” of sweet potato and the typical Easter “mones”.

The production of the native muscat of Alexandria grape, with a great aromatic power, makes it possible to elaborate important wines as a reference of our gastronomy.

The existing microclimate and the Mediterranean Sea breeze give character and personality to these wines.

The leading product is the muscatel “Mistela” and the fortified wines of Muscat, recognized and prized with international awards.

They are as well other wines, produced in our wineries from Muscat grapes, which reach to an optimum degree of maturation due to our climate conditions and to the skilled hands of the local farmers.

White, rosé and red wines which will go with your meals; vermouths to whet your appetite or amazing sparkling wines to celebrate.


 Places of Interest in Moraira


Moraira Castle

Next to the promenade between the Club Náutico and Playa L'Ampolla, we find this watchtower dating from the 18th century (1742).

Other constructions that bear witness to life around the fort are a small hermitage located in front of the entrance gate, and a small cistern, located a few metres to the east, from the same period, which was used to store water for drinking.

The sloping walls are 10 m high and are made of masonry, covered with rough tosca stone from the fossilised dunes that were found in the surrounding area. The roof is protected by a small wall with seven openings in the shape of a slit, where the cannons were located.


Moraira’s Yacht Club

Founded in 1975, it currently has 750 members and was enlarged in 1987.

Inside there are several restaurants, cafes and terraces overlooking the sea for a drink.

Throughout the year there are a number of sporting events and competitions in fishing and diving:


January: 5 Clubs Regatta

Cruising Regatta, the first of the year of the 5 Clubs circuit (CN Moraira - CN La Vila - CN Altea - CN Campomanes - RCN Calpe), and the Trophy Ceremony for the winners of the year in the different classes.

January: 300 Mile Regatta of Moraira "GREFUSA Trophy".

Offshore regatta in which the best crews of the national Offshore sailing come to our club to sail 300 miles with teams of 3 crew members.

March: Chambel Fishing Competition.

Year after year the sport fishing fleet of our club enjoys this now classic tournament. Two fishing Sundays that count towards the final classification.


Nautical Sports in Moraira

June: Spanish Regularity Championship and VII Autonomous Championship.

Motor Boats. Motorboat competition, coastal route around the bay of Moraira for the regional championship and crossing to Formentera for the National Championship.

June: Tuna Festival (Members only).

Social party in our club's restaurant, which serves as an inauguration of the summer for our members.

June: XIX Big Game Fishing Tournament.

Big Game Fishing. Fishing competition in which the best crews from the Valencian Community compete for the two classifications, "Kilos" and "Pieza Mayor", the species fished being the Albacore.

June: Colossus of the Mediterranean event.

Called and organised by the Club Náutico Moraira, in collaboration with the Spanish Institute of Oceanography, it takes place in the form of "catch and release" with "drifting" from an anchored boat or "drifting".  This event brings together the best international fishermen and the biggest fish in the Mediterranean, where camaraderie and companionship is the aim of the event and thus to be able to exchange experiences and enjoy as much as possible the hobby of recreational fishing.


July: Moraira Harbour Swimming Crossing.

Organised by the Teulada Town Council Sports Department and with the collaboration of our club.

August: Treasure Hunt Competition (Diving).

Diving. Original and fun competition organised in collaboration with La Galera Diving Centre. Sport divers enjoy a day of diving and camaraderie.

September: Friendship Regatta.

Sailing Cruiser Regatta. Composed of two races to be held over two days, this year one of the two races will also count towards the 5 Clubs circuit.

October: Gourmet Race Moraira - Teulada.

Motor Boats and Sailing. A great event in our club awaited every year by our social mass and all the participants who come from all over Spain. Cooking whilst sailing is the motto. Motor and sailing boats sail a route of approximately two hours between markers in which they must cook a dish with a common ingredient provided by the organisers for the whole fleet. Afterwards, the participants will prepare the dish in the large marquee in the village in order to present their work to a jury made up of international chefs, critics and journalists.


October: Trolling Trophy.

The oldest sporting event of our club, year after year the entire sport fishing fleet of our club enjoys this great fishing event.


Moraira Street Market

Enjoy the good weather that Moraira offers to stroll through the Market, every Friday morning, located in the large car park of Moraira.

Ideal for buying organic fruit and vegetables, as well as natural honey and all kinds of pickles.

There is a very pleasant atmosphere and several stalls where you can sit and have a coffee or a drink.


The Ecological Path

This ecological walk is a must-see. With spectacular views of the Mediterranean Sea and its coves, its scenic beauty is special. 

The path is well signposted and is suitable for everyone as it is not difficult.


Ecological Path Moraira-Benissa-Calpe


It is about 3.5 kms long and lasts approximately 45 minutes.

The ideal starting point, where there is parking, is Cala Advocat, located on the road from Moraira to Calpe, on the left. This cove is signposted.

It is advisable to bring water and some food, although if it is done in summer, there are several beach bars along the route.

It is an ideal place to spend the day and take some beautiful snapshots to remember.


Marjal del Senillar - Natural Reserve

A protected natural area next to the beach of L'Ampolla in Moraira, it is a wet reed bed with fauna and flora, as well as ducks, several species of birds and turtles. 

It has a small river that runs along the side of the beach and flows into the sea. Ideal for children, as it is next to the park and close to Moraira Castle.


Font Santa Chapel

A rural hermitage, dedicated to San Vicente Ferrer, located about three kilometres from Teulada and a hundred metres from the road from Teulada to Moraira in a spot called La Font Santa.

The origin of this hermitage seems to date back to the 15th century, when, according to tradition, Saint Vincent Ferrer performed the miracle of making water flow over the stone at the request of his sister Constanza, who lived in Teulada.

The building is made of masonry walls and has a gabled roof. It comprises three parts: the oratory nave, the present room and the hermit's house. The façade individualises these three spaces with four pinnacles on its upper profile. 

There is a park with trees and a barbecue area. It has parking and is located next to the Adrián Vallés Karting.


 Entertaining in Moraira


Karting Adrián Vallés Moraira

The ideal place to enjoy a day of karting with family and friends.

It has various types of cars for all levels.

With a track of 700 meters and where you can reach speeds of up to 100 kms per hour, Karting Moraira has highly qualified staff.

Its facilities include a Bar, Chill Out Terrace, Billiards and Table Football.


Saxo Moraira

This famous cocktail bar offers live events and concerts every day of the summer.


 Nature and Walks in Moraira


Lovers of nature walkers and hikers can enjoy this activity by following the local walks or the rural routes and lanes.

Recommendations: Take sufficient water, wear suitable shoes, follow the marked paths, leave no litter, do not light fires, no camping and above all, respect your surroundings.


01 - Castellons
Calvo Sotelo via will take us to the Castellons road. We pass the “Moli del Castellons” (19th Century), one of the five remaining windmills in this area and reach to the highest point of our walk, offering spectacular views.


02 - La Font de L’Horta and Benimarco
Along this walk we will see many ancestral homes and work sheds, typical of this region. Starting from Teulada, Square San Jaime I, we take C/ Benarrisc where the water path stars. This path goes along the stream to the Font de L’Horta, natural spring located in a peaceful place. Taking Camí del Boticari road we will reach the via Camí del Pouet del Moro. From there, we take the via from Teulada to Benimarco that ends in this typical rural hamlet shared by both Teulada-Moraira and Benissa.


03 - Font Santa
From Teulada, on the main via to Moraira, we come into the Rotgetes route, and then we join the “de la Sisca” route. This peaceful path will take us to a small fountain with its old watering place: it’s the “La Font de la Jana”. Crossing Teulada to Moraira road, we reach “La Font Santa”, this fountain owes its miraculous origin to the hand of San Vicente Ferrer, and this peculiarity has made it a point of pilgrimage. Next to it we find a hermitage from the 19th Centrury.


04 - Benimeit
From Teulada, along the route del Pas, we can enjoy a pleasant drive or stroll on food discovering the architectural characteristics of this region, the Marina Alta “riuraus” as well as the perfectly constructed “bancales” or terraces that used to produce, wine and/or almonds. On arriving at C/ Benimarfull, we are amazed to discover a plateau that opens up some of the best views of the area. To the right along C/ Beniganim, also offers us great views and C/ Fanadix  towards the sea we arrive at Andragò Cove.


05 - Les Sorts Valley
Going along this Valley, declared Protected Landscape, you will find a promenade parallel to the via Camí de la Camarrocha and the road Teulada-Moraira, that finishes in the centre of the village.


06 - Route of the Coastal Viewpoints
Approximate distance 5 km / estimated time 1 h 15 min.

This coastal promenade from El Portet beach to Tunez street, gives you very nice views of the Mediterranean Sea.


07 - Cap d’Or (SL-CV51)
Approximate distance 1,5 km / estimated time 1 h there and back

We begin this route at El Portet beach. We will take Puerto Lápice street to the Puerto de Alcudia street, once at the end, the pathway to the watchtower begins. On clear day it is possible to see the whole Moraira bay and as far as the Peñón de Ifach, Albir, Sierra Aitana and Ibiza which makes the walk well worthwhile. One of the most impressive panoramas of the entire Costa Blanca.


Cap d'Or Route Moraira


08 - Barranco de la Cala (SL-CV50)
Approximate distance: 4,1 km / estimate time: 3h and 15 min there and back)

This path runs through one of the most beautiful  and striking areas of Moraira - Costa Blanca, ending at the beach of La Cala. We have to start this walk from route de la Viuda towards Canario street, the path is then signposted. The end of the walk goes through a gully bed. Finally, we arrive to the remote cove of La Cala. A recommended alternative is to continue along the cliffs to the beach of Moraig in Benitachell.


09 - Barranco de Xurra (SL-CV73)
Approximate distance: 1,4 km / estimate time: 1 h there and back)

This track, running close to Teulada’s town centre, is short and of minimum difficulty. There we find a wide variety of flora, as well as the typical farming building.
From Avenue Mediteràneo, we will take Dr.J.Pitarch street carrying on Camí de de Sant Miquel road till we find the junction where we find the “Creutea de l’Ave María”. Taking the left to Camí del Pas road we will find the beginning of the path.



 Main festivities and events in Moraira - Costa Blanca


Three Kings Parade.

Local festivities of Teulada, in honour of “San Vicente Ferrer”
Fireworks, flower offering, bull running, giant Paella and open-air Dance and Concerts.

Vive Teulada-Morara
Gastronomic and Commercial Fair. 
Long weekend of 1st at Moraira Castle esplanade.

Moors and Christians
(2nd or 3rd Weekend)
Battle on L’Ampolla beach Moraira, Reconquest of the Castle and Gala Parade.


Moors and Cristians Moraira


The feast of the Patron Saints of Moraira, “Nuestra Señora de los Desamparados and Virgen del Carmen”
Week around the 15th and 16th.
Flower offering, Maritime Procession, Fireworks, Bull running, Open-air dance and Concerts.

Voramar Street Jazz Festival 
During the whole month
In Moraira and Teulada

Oktoberfest. Date variable at Moraira big parking.


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