How to Choose the Right Location When Buying a Property

Some people prioritize peace and quiet, others a good view of the sea, or proximity to a school. Before you buy a house, think carefully about what you want it to offer.

If you are thinking of buying a property, here we provide you with the points to take into account when choosing the perfect area / urbanization:


1.- Proximity to the town center

It is common knowledge that location is perhaps the strongest point when it comes to choosing an area to live in. Being close to the town and its services is always an added value that will make your life much easier, and will maintain the value of your property.

Walk to breakfast, or for example, your children can go down to the village without you having to take them by car.


2.- The right orientation

If you are thinking of buying a holiday home to spend some time abroad in a sunny country such as Spain, the orientation of the property is a factor to consider. Remember that Spain is the second most mountainous country in Europe and if the property is located near a mountain, it can end up in the shade for much of the day.

Visit the house both in the morning and in the late afternoon to see if there is Sun throughout the day. You can also use a solar application, where you can see the sunrise and sunset from the point where you are, and choose the date of the year from the application, since there are not the same hours of sunshine during winter as during summer. Ask your real estate agent for a good solar application that has relevant information.

Make sure that the house faces South or South-West and that there are no mountains nearby.


3.- Walking distance to the beach

Imagine getting up, grabbing your towel and walking to go swimming, paddle surfing or many other activities in the sea and then walking back home. The small pleasures of life.

Maybe you are passionate about the sea, and you would like to have a boat to go sailing. Then a house near the Marina would be ideal.


4.- Daily necessary services nearby

Having all the necessary services nearby will make your life much easier. Supermarkets, shops, bars, your children's school and even the hospital are all on your doorstep.

Meeting up with your friends for coffee and a chat and then walking back home, is priceless!


5.- The quality of the neighborhood

When you are buying a house, take your time and walk around the area, see if it is a holiday or residential area, as well as the quality of your neighbors: Are the properties well kept, are they quiet or noisy, etc.... You want the best for you and yours.

Having a good relationship with your neighbors, or that your children or relatives can establish a friendly and cordial relationship with your neighbors is important and a sign of a healthy and social quality of life.


6.- The services of the urbanization

Each area or urbanization is different, and some of them offer premium services and amenities, such as street cleaning, tennis courts, concierge, security, etc... 

How about a tennis match in the afternoon?

Knowing well each of the areas where you want to buy a house, will be of great help when choosing the location.


7.- The state of the infrastructure

Are the infrastructure and access to the development in good condition? Are there lighting and pavements for easy walking? And is there an area where I can walk quietly with my pet? 

Try to imagine yourself living there, doing the everyday things you do every day, and you will see if the area suits you or not.


8.- The current development of the area

Some areas or urbanisations are more consolidated than others. It is possible to find urbanisations where there are still many plots available, which means that one day they will start building, and that means noise. 

Check that if there are still plots available, they are not too close to your potential future home.

Ask the local town hall for a certificate to find out if there is any planned development in the area.


9.- Property demand for the area

Nowadays there is a lot of information on the internet, and specialized local and national real estate websites. 

Find out the price per square meter of the area, the price history, and other parameters that may be relevant to you when looking for a property.

You can also ask your real estate agent, who will be able to provide you with accurate information about the current and historical demand in the particular area.


10.- Rental possibilities

Buying a house is one of the most important decisions in your life, as well as a big investment, so you need to make sure of everything. 

Why not see what the rental demand is for that area? This will help you make the most of your investment. You can compare on the internet, with similar houses and see the prices.


Our advice when choosing the area: 

Create a list of your priorities and needs, and write down and value each of the zones on that list. This will help you choose the ideal location for your new home.


The aim of this guide is to help you choose the ideal area for your home, as each of us has different priorities and needs.


The house must undoubtedly offer the distribution, comforts and qualities that you are looking for, but the area and its services are just as important or more. Well, the surroundings where your future home is located will mark your next lifestyle.

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