How can an architect help me when buying a plot of land or country house in Spain?

If you are thinking of buying a plot of land and do not know where to start, here are some tips you should bear in mind.

Buying a plot of land can become a nightmare if you are not well advised, so it is essential to have the help of an architect.

The architect

The figure of the architect is extremely important, as he can advise us first hand before and during the process of buying a plot or country house in Benissa. As well as once we have the plot in our property, he can help us with the design of our house in case we want to build one. This professional will advise us on the viability of our project, carry out the design and its execution.

What documents or information do we need and what can an architect provide us with if we are going to buy a plot of land?

- Town planning report.
- Technical report.
- Preliminary project.
- Economic study of cost and sale prices, according to the market.


What does a town planning report include?

The town planning report must be requested from the Town Hall where the land is located.

This document contains all the information about its characteristics, such as its shape or surface area, among other aspects. As well as its legal and administrative situation, that is to say, how it is classified, the uses that are permitted, the percentage of total surface area that can be built on, etc. In this way we can ensure that everything is correct and up to date. Keep in mind that if the urban planning situation changes, this report may become out of date.

To find information on how to apply for any type of procedure in Spain you can use the Spanish Government's website:

To request a town planning report you will need to:

- Fill in and sign the official form.
- Attach the Property Tax receipt for the last year.
- Attach the graphic and descriptive file from the land registry.
- Attach proof of payment of the municipal tax.

What is the difference between a town planning report and a town planning certificate?

The town planning report is most commonly used in the purchase and sale of real estate, it is issued and signed by the technician, as mentioned above. The certificate is issued by the Town Hall when the land is not built on or if a structure is to be extended. It validates that the current urban development plan is in line with the activity to be carried out on the site and that it will be maintained until the plan is modified. It also confirms that the public services offered by the municipality are in accordance with the project.

What does the technical report consist of?

This is an analysis in which the architect's observations on the site in question are set out in detail.

How can an architect help me if my site is urban?

The land in a municipality is classified as urban, urbanisable or non-urbanisable, and is specified in the General Urban Development Plan (PGOU).

Urban land is made up of roads, green areas or open spaces and building plots, which can be classified as residential, public (public facilities), industrial or tertiary (services).

A building plot is that land that meets all the requirements of urban planning legislation: pavements, tarmac, sewerage, street lighting and water, electricity, telephone and gas connections (in some municipalities).

Residential land is divided into zones with their specific regulations: historic centre or old town, building in closed or open blocks, blocks of terraced, semi-detached or detached houses, among others.

In each one of them, specific building conditions are established: minimum plot, maximum number of floors, maximum height of cornice, maximum buildable depth, maximum occupation on the ground floor, setbacks, etc.

The preliminary project drafted by the architect allows us to know the maximum use of the plot: built area for residential use and number of dwellings, commercial premises on the ground floor and number of parking spaces on the ground floor or basement floors.

How much is my land worth?

Whether you are buying a plot of land as an investment or to carry out a project on it, you can ask the architect for a study to find out the profitability of the development.

In short, having the help of an architect can make life easier when investing in a plot of land, whatever type it may be.


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