Is there an obligation to inform the secretary of the community of the sale of a property or premises?

Do not forget to report the sale.

There is an obligation to report the sale of a property or premises to the secretary of the community. In case of non-compliance, the seller remains liable for the community debts generated after the sale. 

A specific case is presented in which some owners did not communicate the sale, claimed not to owe unpaid fees and were obliged to pay because they could not prove the communication of the change of ownership. 

The law exonerates the seller if the transfer is "notorious", but in this case, the mere fact that someone inhabits the property is not considered general knowledge about the true owner. 

In short, the sale of a property or premises must be communicated to the community of owners to avoid future liabilities.


Empty flat and unpaid fees

If in a community of owners there is a flat that has been closed for several years with accumulated debts, and the administrator cannot contact the owner, action must be taken before the statute of limitations expires (after five years). 

It is recommended to interrupt the statute of limitations by sending an out-of-court claim for the debt and, if this measure is unsuccessful, it is advisable to take legal action to prevent the situation from dragging on. 

In summary, it is important to take measures to recover debts and avoid the statute of limitations for community fees.


Pets in the community

The Law on the Protection of Animal Rights and Welfare regulates aspects related to the coexistence of pets in homeowners' associations. 

It is prohibited to keep dogs and cats on a regular basis on terraces, balconies, storage rooms and similar areas, whether for private or communal use. 

In addition, it is forbidden to leave pets unattended for more than three consecutive days, reducing this period to 24 hours for dogs. 

It is also forbidden to leave animals on a leash without the presence of the person responsible, and they must be kept on a leash when circulating in communal areas. 

With regard to cleanliness, the obligation to avoid nuisance is emphasised, as well as the cleaning and removal of excrement with biodegradable products, in accordance with the new state law.


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