Virtual tours of a property in Spain, pros and cons

This is a revolution in the field of property sales.
Virtual property viewing is entering its golden age thanks to technologies that finally allow high quality renderings. All the habits of the real estate sector have been turned upside down.

"The virtual real estate tour, a real added value for both clients and real estate agents".


The use of the virtual tour in the real estate sector saves time for real estate agents as well as for buyers and sellers, who will thus have clients who are genuinely interested in the property for sale.

How does the virtual tour work? 

It is a series of photos in which each room of the property for sale is taken in 360° using a special camera. Once everything is set up, the visitor can navigate freely through the house as if he were there, with no time limit and in a much more complete and representative way than a classic advertisement.

Here is an example of a 360º virtual tour:



Pros of the virtual tour of a property in Spain.

1.-You can virtually visit the property as many times as you want.

From the comfort of your home, and as many times as you need, is one of the most important advantages of the virtual tour.

2.- Virtual tours represent a realistic representation of the property.

We have all seen photos in which a room looks as wide as a football pitch, only to see it in person and discover that it is actually as narrow as a bowling alley. A 3D virtual tour eliminates that problem, as the moving film, with human beings as reference, helps you get a realistic perspective of the house.


3.- You can plan changes to the layout, furniture, etc...

You probably don't like the furniture in the house, the colour of the walls or you would like to modify the current configuration of the property, with the virtual tour you can get a very accurate idea of its current configuration and the changes you can or cannot make.


4.- You can share the tour with family and friends, so that they can give their opinion as well.

Asking your family and friends for their opinion has never been easier than it is now with virtual tours, as it is available to you 24 hours a day.

5.- You have much more information about the property than with traditional methods.

As it is a complete visit to the property, you can see every nook and cranny and virtually walk around inside the property. In addition, many virtual tours have the option of adding "tags" with additional information, such as, for example, the document of the last revision of the gas system, etc...


Cons of a virtual tour of a property in Spain.

1.- The virtual visit is done at a certain time of the day.

But what happens in the afternoon, is the room still sunny? It is important to ask your real estate agent to make another virtual tour during another time of the day, or to take photos or make a video call, during another time of the day, in order to check the amount of light that the property has during that time.

2.- The measurements of all the rooms.

Some virtual tours have a tool to measure, although it is not 100% accurate, to have a very clear idea of all the rooms and distribution, you need a 2D plan, with the exact measurements and the interior retaining walls.

3.- Important details, which are omitted in a virtual tour.

Such as damp and cracks, for example. It is very important that your real estate agent makes an additional video with all these details.

4.- The state and functioning of the electrical appliances and heating and air conditioning systems.

These cannot be verified by means of a virtual tour. It is advisable to ask for the certificates of the last revisions, and even to have them checked by an independent professional, to see the state of the same. 

5.- The current state of the construction cannot be checked.

Many of the properties are old and it is always recommended to use the services of a technical architect to find out if the structure of the property is in good condition. 



Is a virtual visit enough guarantee to buy a property in Spain?

It can be YES and it can be NO, it will depend on the honesty and transparency of the real estate agent who makes the video.

From experience, having done hundreds of virtual tours and video calls on properties in Spain, I know that many negative and deficient details of the property can be hidden or omitted during a virtual tour or video life call.



My opinion on the decision to buy a property in Spain via a virtual tour

If it were me who had to buy the property, the first thing I would do would be to visit the place where I want to buy, for example MORAIRA.

Contact with several real estate agents and see which are the really HONEST ones, the ones you can really trust.

It may be the case that a property comes on the market, which meets the characteristics I am looking for, but for reasons of work or distance, for example, I cannot visit it.

Well, I have the first 2 steps solved, I have met on my first visit to the area, a local real estate agent that I trust.

Now it turns out that there is a property that I really like, it's perfect, but... I can't go and visit it in person. I also don't have a friend or family member in the area who I can ask to inspect the property for me.

If your real estate agent is HONEST, PROFESSIONAL AND HONEST, they will be able to show you ALL aspects of the property, both negative and positive, either by virtual tour or video life call.


In conclusion, the virtual tour is a great tool, both for buyers and real estate agents, but it must be accompanied by other external services, such as the latest revisions of the installations, distribution plans with the surfaces and load-bearing walls, as well as additional videos of the deficiencies that may exist in the property.

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